The main topic of the 2017 Marketing Research Forum in Milan, Italy was the value of market research. IdSurvey survey software was the technical sponsor of this investigation.

Assirm Studies Center conducted a study called “The value of market research: the SMEs perspective”. They administered web (CAWI) surveys to small and medium enterprises using IdSurvey survey software to collect and analyze the data.


Results of  “The value of market research: the SMEs perspective”

Results emerged are really interesting: 60% of Italian small and medium enterprises that answered the invitation said that they administered and/or commissioned research at least once. Moreover, 95% thinks that data collected with the research resulted in being fundamental for them.
Companies that joined the survey stated that market research was also strategically crucial for information on trends (95%), trend preview (93%) and information on their competitors (91%).

According to the study, 77% of small and medium enterprises is satisfied with the data they got from this type of research, so much that 52% of them foresees an increased amount of investment for MR in the next 5 years.

What these data say is that the market research status in Italy is more than positive. Also, data collected through MR are more and more fundamental for companies to support their growth and development.