Survey quality control

Ensuring accurate and reliable survey data.

Survey Quality Control Tools.

Review, accuracy and reliability.

IdSurvey provides multiple tools for simple and accurate quality control of survey data. Survey data quality is critical to obtaining reliable and meaningful insights. Quality Control stands as a guarantor of this goal, implementing a set of tools and procedures to edit, validate, and discard interviews, code open-ended responses, monitor agents, and ensure maximum accuracy and consistency in the data collected.

Survey validation

Check, edit, discard, or validate collected interviews to ensure consistency and reliability of survey data. You can restore the original interview at any time. You can always choose whether to export and analyze only validated interviews or all completes. In addition, IdSurvey's validation tool allows you to share with your clients only the data of reviewed and validated surveys.

Open-ended encoding

IdSurvey accurately and efficiently codes open-ended answers. You can choose to manually associate open-ended answers with the most relevant options or rely on artificial intelligence. Thanks to the integration with OpenAI (ChatGPT), the automatic coding process is fast and accurate. In addition, AI can identify new categories and suggest associations for you. The manual mode and AI work together to maximize the quality of results and optimize time.

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Supervisor is IdSurvey's advanced tool for real-time monitoring of interviewers' productivity during telephone surveys.

CATI agent monitoring

By using monitoring and reporting tools, closely follow the performance of telephone agents, even in real time, to assess their performance or to identify any areas for improvement. You can also remotely watch agents' screens, listen to their conversation with the respondent, and communicate with the individual agent or the entire group via integrated chat. Learn more about agent monitoring with Supervisor.

CATI and CAPI audio recordings

Listen and evaluate recordings of interviews conducted via CATI and CAPI to verify that agents meet the quality standards required by your organization.

Customized Alerts

Define specific criteria for checking answers through alerts with customized text to prevent respondents and interviewers from filling out the interview with inconsistent data.

GPS Localization for CAPI surveys

By integrating GPS technology into CAPI surveys, IdSurvey accurately records the geographic location of each interview. GPS tracking can be used to monitor agents' work and ensure the reliability of interviews collected in the field.

Questionnaire print

Print the questionnaire for review and validation of questions before distribution to ensure proper understanding and interpretation by respondents.

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What is quality control?
Quality control in survey management refers to the processes implemented to ensure that the data collected through surveys are accurate, reliable, and consistent. It involves various steps and techniques aimed at monitoring and improving the quality of survey data throughout the entire survey process. These procedures are often facilitated by professional tools available in most common survey software like open ended validation, conflicting answers alerts, text analysis, and more.
How to quality control surveys?

Quality controlling surveys involves several steps and strategies to ensure that the data collected are accurate, reliable, and representative of the target population. Some of its key aspects are:

Survey Design: survey questions have to be clear, relevant, and unbiased. This includes pre-testing the survey to identify any potential issues or ambiguities before deployment.

Data Collection: To guarantee that data are collected accurately and consistently it’s important to train surveyors, monitor their performance, and use standardized procedures for administering the survey.

Data Validation: Checking the collected data for completeness, consistency, and accuracy for example with range checks, logic checks, and cross-validations to identify and resolve any discrepancies or errors in the data.

Data Cleaning: Removing or correcting any errors or outliers in the collected data conducting statistical analyses to detect and address data quality issues.

Sampling Quality: Ensuring that the survey sample is representative of the target population and that appropriate sampling techniques are used to minimize bias and maximize precision

What quality control tools are available for surveys?

Professional survey software provide various quality control tools to ensure data accuracy, and consistency. The most common quality control tools include:

Answer Validation: these tools help ensure that respondents provide valid and appropriate answers. They can include features such as range checks, logic checks, and validation rules for open-ended responses.

Questionnaire Logic: logic enable survey designers to customize the survey flow based on respondents’ previous answers. This helps ensure that respondents are directed to relevant questions, improving data accuracy.

Data Cleaning: survey software often includes built-in features for data cleaning, such as identifying and resolving duplicate responses, missing data, and inconsistencies in answers.

Real-time Monitoring: real-time monitoring of data and agents allow researchers to track survey progress, monitor response rates, and identify any issues or errors as they occur.

Text Analysis Tools: text analysis tools help analyze open-ended answers, identifying keywords, sentiments, themes, and patterns within textual data.

Quality Control Alerts: some survey software platforms offer automated alerts to flag potential issues or inconsistencies in the data, such as conflicting responses or outliers.

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