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The most appreciated survey software for Universities and Schools

IdSurvey is an academic survey software that Universities use for measuring, analyzing and improving the experience of students, professors and faculty employees. The data collection via telephone, web or face-to-face allows you to collect key information in order to improve every aspect of the academic world. Because it is so powerful and safe, and thanks to the licensing system especially created for Universities, IdSurvey is the best survey software for academic research.

IdSurvey helps your University and your School to:

Identify hidden problems

By collecting in-depth information on students, faculties, campus and ex-alumni experience you will be able to identify hidden problems and plan the solutions to improve every aspect of your University.

Measure the academic experience

With IdSurvey you will be able to improve both the learning process and the personal growth of your students inside and outside the classroom. Determine the involvement factors and create learning opportunities in order to ensure the success of your students, ex-alumni and teaching staff.

Improve participation

With IdSurvey you will be able to understand the opinion and the awareness of the entire staff, of the students and ex-alumni. You will improve the involvement level starting from the real needs of each single person.

A survey software for any academic research need

With IdSurvey you can drive academic surveys online, by phone and offline, for the most diverse purposes:

  • Orientation questionnaires.
  • Questionnaires on the learning process.
  • Questionnaires on teachers evaluation.
  • Customized researches led by students and PhDs.
  • Students and teachers satisfaction.
  • Post-seminars or events questionnaires.
  • Academic marketing researches.
  • Services satisfaction.
University Survey Software

Choose the survey methodology that better fits with your academic research.

With IdSurvey you can choose the most suitable methodology for your academic survey, from the distribution of the questionnaire to data collection, simply by activating the software modules with a click:

CATI Software

Telephone interviews.

CAWI Software

Online surveys.

CAPI Software

Face-to-face surveys.

Mixed mode

The academic survey software by IdSurvey enables to distribute the questionnaire in Mixed-mode thanks to the perfect integration between CATI, CAWI, and CAPI methodology. You can quickly reach your target market: distribute the survey to your agents or online, sending the link via email or sms or publishing it on a website or social media.

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The survey data you need, immediately available for your survey analysis.

Collect any type of data

With more than 50 types of questions that you can combine as you like, you can collect the exact type of data that you need. Use default questions or create new ones with different kinds of answer options in a single question. Rating, Slider and Drag&Drop answers will make questionnaires more fun and easy to complete. You can also set mathematical rules and logics in each single answer and question.

Safety at its highest level

The certificated infrastructure (ISO 27001:2005, SOC 1 and 2 type II) OnCloud of IdSurvey offers you high safety, efficiency and service stability thanks to a sophisticated weight balancing system. Up-time service of 99,9%, safe SSL connection, redundant servers and firewalls ensure service stability and safety at the highest level.

Customizable design

Customize the design of the questionnaire with your own brand layout. You can choose the template that you like, pick the colors and change the preferences. The most demanding users can work with CSS styles for an additional layout customization. Thanks to Smart Display, the interview will be perfectly displayed on any device.


IdSurvey offers flexible and deductible licenses that perfectly suit your requirements of use.

Free Admin

Each IdSurvey installation includes 3 administrator licenses for free. This means that up to 3 users can connect simultaneously, regardless of the number of your collaborators. There are extensions for 10 users or unlimited users available.

Free OnCloud

IdSurvey does not require any installation. You can access the survey software from any computer connected to the internet. There are no costs for the space you use, no costs for the updates. You only pay for the CAWI and CAPI interviews and for the interviewers licenses.

No limits

There are no limits to the number of questions and answers. You can easily work regardless of the length and complexity of the questionnaires. This will allow you to have costs that are balanced according to the size of your organization.

Educational Discount

IdSurvey does not have hidden costs. You only pay for the CAWI and CAPI interviews and for the interviewers licenses that you decide to purchase. We offer an educational discount for Universities that varies from 30% to 50%, according to the type of license that is purchased.

Graphic interface of the survey design software IdSurvey which enables you to create custom telephone, online and offline surveys.

Advanced features

  • Logic management on sections, pages, questions and answers.
  • Conditions, jumps, quotas, off target and rules.
  • Standard or smart e-mail and SMS campaigns.
  • Complete brand control with the possibility to customize themes and styles.
  • Survey distribution in mixed mode thanks to the perfect integration between CATICAWI, and CAPI modules.
  • Report and Dashboard updated in real time.
  • Analyze the results in real time and export them in the commonly used formats such as Excel, SPSS, Triple-S, CSV, TXT and Microsoft Access.

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