Supervisor Dashboard

The most advanced tool for full control of telephone surveys.
Supervisor is IdSurvey's advanced tool for real-time monitoring of interviewers' productivity during telephone surveys.

Monitor the agent performance dashboard in real time

Supervisor, tracking tools, and monitoring of phone agents are all included in a single dashboard specifically designed for call center supervisors and team leaders. Check the quality and monitor the productivity of phone agents employed in your call center or corporate customer service. Use the simple or the extended table and choose from more than 80 metrics and metadata. Create, edit and save your custom dashboards or discover the ready-to-use ones.


Check the “Position” and “Elapsed time” fields to track the interviewer’s current position and how long they have been working on that particular page.

Idle detection

Take advantage of “Idle detection” to keep track of the actual work time and downtime of each call center agent.

Interviewer Score

Use the special “Interviewer Score” indicator to keep the performance of the agents under control with a single parameter at all times.

Supervisor Watcher

Watch a live replica of the phone interviewers’ work window.

Supervisor also includes Watcher, the screen monitoring tool that allows supervisors to watch the agent’s window live. The essential screen shows the name or username of the interviewer being watched, the name of the survey, and the replica of the live CATI interface.

Watch a live replica of the phone interviewers' work window.
Watcher, the tool to watch the interviewer screen live with no additional software or plugins.

Privacy protected.

Watcher respects the privacy of the interviewers. Only the CATI screen is shared, ignoring any other window or activity done by interviewers in the workstation. Watcher’s technology does not require additional software or plugins.

Full control of telephone surveys

The most advanced tool on the market for CATI interviewers monitoring.


Easily monitor every detail of the interviewer activities using out-of-the-box views or create your custom supervisor dashboard. Select, move and sort data columns.


Select from more than 80 metrics those that are most relevant to your business. Choose from metrics related to call outcomes, work time, hourly and daily averages, real-time information, and more.


Use advanced tools such as “Idle detection”, “Position” and “Interviewer Score” to quickly monitor the progress of interviews, with no need to watch the interviewer’s screen.


Quickly access the replica of the CATI interface and control in real time the work of your interviewers, in accordance with privacy rules.

Supervisor Main Features


Watch a real-time replica of the interviewer’s screen without installing additional software or plugins.

Real Time Dashboard

Every piece of data displayed on the Supervisor dashboard is real-time and accurate to the second.


Check out the agent’s current position in the interview even without looking at their screen with Watcher.

Elapsed Time

It shows how long the interviewer has been stationary on the page and highlights the data if the time exceeds the set threshold.

Idle Detection

Automatically track interviewers’ downtime and determine their exact working time.

Interviewer Score

Find out at a glance an interviewer’s current performance compared to the survey average.

Metadata and Metrics

Take advantage of over 80 metrics and metadata to customize your dashboard with the data that matters most to you.


Delete a column, move it, or add a new one. Adapt the dashboard to your needs.


Choose humanized or simplified time format, customize Interviewer Score and Elapsed Time thresholds.

Standard or Extended

Show up to 10 essential data items in the simple table or use the extended table to add as many metrics as you need.

All survey

Monitor the activities of all ongoing surveys or select a specific one for extensive monitoring of activities.

Today o current sessions

Choose whether to show data from the current sessions or the entire day that includes all working shifts.


Save your custom dashboards or take advantage of the preset ones that you can find in the views menu.

CATI Activity

Use the full power of Supervisor to analyze also the log of activities of your phone interviewers.


Watcher only displays the IdSurvey CATI screen and ignores any other activity occurring at the agent’s workstation.


Use chat with notifications and read confirmations to communicate with agents in real time.

Broadcast messages

Publish daily or permanent announcements visible to all survey-connected interviewers.

Call intrusion

Listen to the call, communicate with the agent or actively engage in the conversation.

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