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Sometimes Wi-Fi or data may not be available, even in this Internet era. The IdSurvey CAPI software for Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing, is the offline data collection software that runs in both conditions. Also, interviewers can synchronize their collected data whenever they have a connection. The CAPI survey app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows PC.
Face-to-Face Data Collection

CAPI Software main features

The free offline survey application by IdSurvey is compatible with any Android and iOS mobile devices. So, the interviewer can quickly collect face to face interviews with a smartphone or a tablet thanks to the offline data collection CAPI software.

Responsive Interface

The interview layout automatically adapts to the screen dimensions of any device

GPS tracking

The CAPI Software automatically saves the interviewer location on any interview collected.

Offline mode

IdSurvey CAPI software works in offline mode, without an internet connection.

Silent voice recording

Record the audio to check the interviewers activity and the quality of the interviews.

CAPI app for face to face interviews

Smart display

Smart display optimizes matrix on small screens, displaying each row as a separate question.

Photo, video and audio

Ask your respondents to take a photo, record a video or audio as an answer to your questionnaire.


Use the IdSurvey CAPI software to give value to recruitments and adhesions thanks to the signature question.


Frame the QRcode with your device to access the survey and run tests in an instant.


Download the free offline survey application for face to face interviews and mystery shopping, from your device store.

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Intuitive interface

Start working without any training

IdSurvey CAPI app is simply designed in order to make smarter and easier in person surveys from the beginning, without any training needed for interviewers. This is exactly what the interviewers want to hear! A simple and clear interface guides the interviewer through the personal interview questions. Moreover, the app is a highly advanced version of the paper questionnaire that will save time for you and your agents.
CAPI software - Intuitive interface Start working with no training.
Quote - Imposta un campione statistico dell’indagine.


Set a statistical sample for your survey

You can set quotas to collect only interviews useful to your research company. Quotas can be based on pre-owned data or data collected during the interview. As a result, respondents that fit into a full quota will be excluded from the list at any synchronization.

Identified or anonymous

Interview specific or random respondents in your CAPI survey

With CAPI research, you can assign a list of existing respondents to interviewers. So each interview will be linked to a specific respondent. You can also collect anonymous interviews or ask respondents to provide their data during the questionnaire. In this case, IdSurvey will generate a new contact in real-time for any new interview.
CAWI Identificato o anonimo - Accedi all’intervista con link univoco o link generico.
Mixed mode - Combina più metodologie in un’unica indagine.

CAPI software in Mixed Mode

Mix CAPI survey with phone and web interviews in a single project

By using Mixed Mode you can easily combine CAPI methodology to web surveys or telephone surveys. For instance, you can make in person interviews to those respondents that are unavailable by phone.


You can use face-to-face modules with prepaid packs. Prepaid interview packs are flexible and guarantee the best solution for your needs. Discount brackets for in person interviews ensure you get the best prices, even for a small purchase. The discount is calculated on the entire amount of interviews purchased in the last 12 months. And you only pay by the number of completions!
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Capterra Reviews 4,8/5
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Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra


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