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IdSurvey’s AI simplifies the coding of open end answers and automates descriptive analysis, turning raw data into useful insights with unprecedented efficiency.
Survey AI allows you to focus on strategic interpretations and to make informed decisions more quickly and effectively.
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Survey AI

Open End Encoder

With the introduction of AI, IdSurvey is now able to automatically code open end answers, turning a traditionally long and complex process into a fast and efficient task. Through integration with ChatGPT, Survey AI automatically analyzes and categorizes participants' answers, ensuring accurate and consistent coding.

This not only dramatically reduces the time and resources required for coding, but also allows for the identification of new categories useful for data analysis.

Survey AI

Automatic descriptive analysis and insight

Available soon
Receive valuable insights directly from AI for survey analysis. Identify significant trends, patterns and relationships in the data with ease, gaining a deeper understanding of respondents' opinions and needs. Collected data is analyzed in real time, providing a detailed and immediate overview of emerging trends and patterns. Automatic insights help to quickly identify the most relevant information, facilitating decisions based on hard, up-to-date data.

Simple, clear, updated in real time: design and share your reports and survey dashboards in a few clicks.

Survey AI

Partnership and innovation

The new features using ChatGPT's AI were developed in collaboration with the University of Siena - Political and Social Analysis Laboratory, Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences - as part of the PON “Research and Innovation.”

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What is AI?
AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI is focused on creating systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. These tasks include for example understanding natural language, recognizing patterns, solving problems, and making decisions.
How to use survey AI?
AI can enhance surveys and data collection at various stages of the survey design and implementation process. For instance, during the design phase, survey AI can help formulate questions and personalize the interview process for each respondent. During data collection, survey AI can automate follow-ups and track responses. One of the most valuable applications is in data analysis. AI for survey analysis can effectively analyze open-ended responses by examining text, identifying themes, and categorizing feedback. Additionally, AI can interpret reports and statistics, providing actionable insights and recommendations based on the survey results.
How to use AI for survey analysis?
AI can be applied to survey analysis in different processes. For example, it can use NLP techniques to process and understand text answers, automatically identifying trends and themes mentioned in the text responses. AI for survey analysis can also be applied to insights and recommendations. AI can provide insights based on the data collected, highlighting key findings and trends. Survey AI can also offer recommendations on actions to take based on the analysis, helping inform decision-making processes.
What are the most common AI survey tools?

In the modern survey software market, some of the most cutting-edge tools are starting to offer AI integration to simplify survey design and analysis for researchers. Common applications include:

  • Survey Design: Survey AI helps with question formulation and personalization.
  • Survey Distribution: AI optimizes audience targeting and timing for survey publication.
  • Data Analysis: AI aids in data cleaning, text encoding, statistical analysis, and generating insights and recommendations.

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