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Welcome to the era of perfect experience management with IdSurvey software for Enterprises

With IdSurvey, the most appreciated enterprise survey software, you can collect and analyze survey data in real time to continuously improve the experience of your audience or employees. Create customized questionnaires, get reliable reports, and react quickly to opportunities for improvement. Don’t miss your chance to enter this new era of experience management with IdSurvey!
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Manage the experience of your enterprise's customers and employees 360 degrees

With IdSurvey you can offer quality services and reliable products, listen and respond to customer needs, enhance employee welfare and training, maintain a consistent brand image across all communication channels, and constantly monitor and improve business processes.

Collect the feedback

Collect enterprise survey data online, offline, and via phone, identify key drivers that affect user experience, and improve the experience of your customers and employees by building loyalty over time.

Retain customers

Customer retention is the key to a successful long-term business. IdSurvey helps you keep customers satisfied and loyal through listening and analyzing their opinions.

Listen to employees

Employee work experience is the key factor for business success. With IdSurvey, you can create successful work experiences that retain and attract talented employees.

Product experience

Improve your company's services and products through evidence-based analysis. Make informed decisions and create solutions that meet customer needs and build customer loyalty.

Brand experience

Assess your company's brand perception through entreprise surveys. Use the results to improve marketing strategies and brand perception.

The flexible solution for entreprise surveys and feedback collection.

With IdSurvey you can manage the distribution of your surveys and collect feedback in three different ways: online, telephone and in person.

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Telephone interviews.

CAWI Software

Online surveys.

CAPI Software

Face-to-face surveys.

Discover IdSurvey

The most powerful survey software, loved by professionals.
Simple, clear, updated in real time: design and share your reports and survey dashboards in a few clicks.

How our enterprise survey software can boost your business

Get crucial information on customer and employee satisfaction, motivation, and needs thanks to our enterprise survey software. Discover insights with surveys and feedback collection to unveil strategic points to improve your business.

Customer experience

Employee satisfaction

Product and service satisfaction

Brand monitoring

Survey statistics

Opinion polls

Advertising tests

Predict opportunities

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Feedback collection and NPS

Product launch

Market analysis

Capterra Reviews 4,8/5
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra


Amazing feedback from our customers around the world.

Comprehensive enterprise survey tools including on premises

Companies with high privacy requirements often prefer to maintain systems behind their firewalls. IdSurvey offers the option of hosting the entire system either in the cloud or on servers in the corporate infrastructure.

Multi-mode data collection

IdSurvey gives you the ability to choose the method best suited for your project, collecting data from a variety of sources: web, phone, or face-to-face. Take advantage of the powerful tools to adapt and manage every detail of data collection.

Simple, clear, updated in real time: design and share your reports and survey dashboards in a few clicks.

Analyze and share

With IdSurvey, you can create, customize and share reportsof your results. Data processing is in real-time, ensuring that your reports are always ready and up-to-date.

OnCloud or OnPremises

You can opt to use the OnCloud infrastructure to ensure security and high efficiency or, if you have restrictive privacy policies, install the entire platform in your company's servers with OnPremises setup.

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Graphic interface of the survey design software IdSurvey which enables you to create custom telephone, online and offline surveys.

Easy to use, no code

IdSurvey allows you to create entreprise survey easily and quickly, without programming. You can edit or add text, choose question types, and set complex rules with just a few clicks, all in real time.


The IdSurvey team is always available to meet your organization's needs. We can help you by developing new dedicated features and support your IT department in integrating IdSurvey with existing software in your business.

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Trained support

A team of experts will always be there for you. They will provide training on the software, guide you in configuring and developing complex surveys, and they will always be available for day-to-day support.

Discover IdSurvey

The most powerful survey software, loved by professionals.

Knowledge base

Enter the knowledge base to discover all the solutions and strategies for setting up and designing questionnaires.

Guide and papers

IdSurvey has an online guide for all features of the software so you can easily discover all tools.

Help Desk support

Using your ticket area you can request technical assistance. One of our experts will answer you back shortly.