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Get to really know your customers with retail customer survey

Fegardless of size of the business, knowing customer feedback is critical. Even in the retail sector, customer experience is a crucial factor in maintaining and growing brand business. In fact, knowing the customer at every touch point – before, during, and after the sale – is crucial to discover the satisfaction rate at every step of the purchase.

Analyzing sales data only does not allow you to know customer satisfaction and experience. With retail customer experience survey you can collect customer feedback. Thanks to retail survey questions, brands and stores will know where to focus to increase loyalty, reputation and, therefore, increase sales.

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IdSurvey allows your brand to:

Know the reputation of your brand

Discover the real reputation of your brand by asking customer feedback. Thanks to retail customer survey you will understand the main motivations of those who do not have a good consideration and you can find the strategy to turn them into promoters of your brand.

Know the customer experience in individual stores

Discover the customer experience at each store within your network. Identify strengths and adopt them at lower performance stores. Customer survey questions for retail stores are a never-ending source of information to optimize all aspects of the customer experience and increase sales.

Knowing the efficiency of point-of-sale staff

With retail customer experience survey and mystery shopping you can learn about the friendliness of the staff in each of your brand's stores. You can also evaluate cleanliness, product display, and more.

Knowing after-sales satisfaction

In addition to the customer shopping experience, collect post-sale feedback such as satisfaction with products, support services, and more. Find insights to maximize loyalty and bring customers back to your stores.

Choose how to conduct your retail surveys.

With IdSurvey you can choose how to conduct each type of survey for your brand, from questionnaire distribution to data collection, among three different modes. You can also send the survey invitation via SMS, email or social links, or by embedding a QR-code on your point-of-sale receipts.

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Online surveys.

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Face-to-face surveys.

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IdSurvey, the survey retail software, customer shopping experience survey, and more

With IdSurvey you can conduct online, telephone, face-to-face, and mystery shopping surveys. All methodologies available for any type of retail survey.

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Post-sales survey

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Capterra Reviews 4,8/5
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra


Amazing feedback from our customers around the world.

A set of perfectly integrated advanced tools

With IdSurvey you have a variety of tools for creating retail customer survey and all kinds of surveys. From designing and distributing questionnaires to analyzing the collected data and generating reports in real time.

More than 50 retail survey questions

IdSurvey provides a wide variety of question types. From closed-ended questions, to open-ended questions, from rating questions with multiple types of graphical representations to slider questions. No limitations on your questionnaires.

Graphic interface of the survey design software IdSurvey which enables you to create custom telephone, online and offline surveys.
Turn survey results into intuitive reports that update in real time with customer satisfaction software. Filter data, choose and set graphs, customize the layout. Then share it simply by sending links.

NPS® question and analysis

The NPS® question allows you to instantly analyze brand reputation and learn about both promoting and detracting customers, so you can implement strategies to improve your brand consideration.

Take a photo

The photo-taking question is essential for mystery shopping activities. The undercover customer can then take photos of the storefront, product layout, cleanliness of the premises, and anything else you need to evaluate your brand's store.

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Email sender - Designing an email campaign has never been so easy and smart.

Email campaigns

Send survey invitations to a list of customers and manage reminders via email campaigns.
Create smart campaigns to automatically email the customer only when an event occurs.

SMS campaigns

Increase the number of respondents by benefiting from the immediacy of SMS. Manage SMS campaigns with the same simplicity and flexibility as email campaigns, including smart SMS campaigns.

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Qr code ready

QR-code ready

In IdSurvey you can create a customer survey directly from URL even without preloading the information. You can add a QR-Code with the customer's data to the receipt for immediate and unique access.

Social link sharing

Post the link to the wide audience that follows your brand's social profile or page. Discover potential customers and find strategies to lead them to your outlets.

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The survey data you need, immediately available for your survey analysis.

Automatic and customizable reporting

Analyze the results of retail customer experience survey with IdSurvey's out-of-the-box reporting and analysis tool. View the automated report, customize it and share it with your team.

Customizable themes

Adapt the look and feel of your questionnaires and email invitations to your brand colors and style. Add your logo and personalize the customers' experience to enhance and make your brand even stronger.

The perfect look for any brand.

Get the most out of feedback

Retail surveys are a valuable tool for your brand. Knowing employee and customer feedback and finding the right strategies to lower the churn rate and the influence of competitors on your business is critical to your retention rate.

Increase retention and counteract competition

You will find the right insights to focus on strategies to improve customer loyalty, increasing their purchases in your brand's stores and counteracting the influence of competitors.

Satisfied employees, more engaged customers

By improving the satisfaction of employees, they will be more stimulated and loyal to the brand, more friendly and engaging. This translates into more engaged customers during the shopping experience.

Each point of contact is an opportunity

Gathering customer feedback is extremely important, even after the shopping experience. You will be able to increase engagement and a sense of belonging to your brand, maximizing the retention.

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