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Designing questionnaires with IdSurvey survey design software is extremely easy. You don’t need any programming skills and no installation is required. Choose from endless question combinations, such as multiple choice, rating, slider, drag and drop and more. The survey software is used by market research agencies, governmental bodies, universities and private companies.

You can easily use IdSurvey advanced tools, such as IdCode.

Also, IdSurvey intuitive interface allows you to quickly create a questionnaire online. In fact, the survey design software displays the questionnaire as the real interview.

Designing your questionnaire with user interface or with IdCode is fast and intuitive, and no programming skills are necessary. You can switch from GUI to Code at any time.

Survey design and data collection

Survey design for successful projects

Create the perfect survey.

Do all the prep work before you start

Before you even begin crafting your survey questions, you need to engage in quite a bit of important preparatory work. Ensure that you have well-defined survey research goals so that you can accurately identify the information you need.

Determine the target population and decide on the type of methodology you have to use. Selecting the right software is essential. IdSurvey offers CATI, CAWI, and CAPI methodologies and includes features that even beginners can successfully start using right away.

Develop question wording, content, and format

You should focus on the question wording, content, and format of your questions when making a questionnaire for research. There are different types of questions, such as open ended questions or closed ended questions.

Another important aspect is the format and flow of your survey altogether. So think about starting and concluding questions as well as how each question naturally leads into the next. IdSurvey offers you easy tools to build out your questions and test your survey.

Consider design and implementation

As you start writing a questionnaire for research, consider the look and feel of your survey too. If respondents are taking the survey online, think about the design elements for higher response rates.

IdSurvey has a graphic interface that allows for creating appealing designs with ease. Also think of how your interviewers need to interact with the survey tool and how to facilitate their work as well. Do not lose sight of any aspect that could affect the results of your data collection.

Ask specific questions

Ask specific questions

Custom survey creation. Your questionnaires have no limits.

Create sophisticated surveys online by choosing from more than 50 question types. To guarantee maximum accuracy of results collected, the questionnaire should include unique questions and avoid double barreled questions.

Use a simple and clear style: good questions are short and simple. Avoid technical terms and all those terms that may be difficult to understand for people not expert in the field.
Insert demographics questions to be sure that people that complete the survey are in target. Be sure that your survey tool is able to screen out respondents that are not relevant for your research.

Control your questionnaire flow with logic and branching tools to design professional surveys. For example, logic conditions can hide or show pages, questions or options according to different variables. With IdSurvey you can easily create surveys that encourage respondents to answer.

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The most powerful survey software, loved by professionals.

Features of the survey design software include:

Condition, you decide whether to display an item based on previous answers or a respondent’s personal information.

Quota, to set quotas for any respondent’s characteristics, and collect only the interviews you need.

Distribution, to reach respondents and collect feedback via email, sms, social media or external panels.

Skip, to manage interview-flow settings with simple or complex skip logic for any type of survey.

Random, to display answers, questions, or pages in random order using IdSurvey powerful random engine.

Statistics, analyze and display survey progress and productivity parameters in real time.

Text piping, to display an answer or a variable, or to design logic conditions for advanced surveys.

Script, to customize graphics and functions of any questionnaire item by using ClientScript and FlowScript.

Reports and dashboards, turn your survey results into insightful reports to share with your team and customers.

Well designed surveys require testing

With test mode you can simulate the real survey to check settings, train interviewers or test any part of the questionnaire. You have full control on your database. In fact, no data is permanently saved during test mode. You can quickly move around a free version of the questionnaire with the Test menu. 

You can easily check your text by printing the questionnaire with the survey design software tools. Moreover, the survey software lets you check the logic and flow by printing out logic conditions and options. With the printout, reviewing the questionnaire with your team or copywriter is a super-easy task. You can share the paper version with your customer or your colleagues for multi-level quality control.

Survey design software interface

Best practices for survey design

Designing an effective questionnaire depends on a lot of different factors and it is crucial to guarantee high quality data.

Some good tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep it simple.
    Always use a simple and clear vocabulary.
  • Insert screening questions when needed.
    Screening questions direct the survey to a specific target filtering the respondents. The survey will follow a different flow according to the answer collected.
  • A design for each survey.
    A web survey requires more attention on visual details as it is directly aimed to the respondent.
  • Check until you’re sure
    The mistake is around the corner. So always double check your questionnaire.
  • Insert open ended questions.
    They’re useful to collect more details on hot topics for your area of interest.

Discover IdSurvey

The most powerful survey software, loved by professionals.

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