Create professional surveys with a powerful and intuitive builder.

Design questionnaires and create your own survey, directly from your browser.

No coding skills required.

Survey design software like IdSurvey allows you to easily design customized questionnaires and create a survey according to your needs, even if you don’t have any programming skills.
If you want to create a survey, you have to simply open up your browser and choose from endless types of questions, such as rating, slider, and drag and drop. You can easily design even the most complex questionnaires by using all of IdSurvey's advanced survey design tools, such as IdCode. That’s one of the many reasons why IdSurvey is the solution professionals love.

Graphic interface of the survey design software IdSurvey which enables you to create custom telephone, online and offline surveys.
Graphic interface of the survey design software IdSurvey.

Survey design software intuitive interface

Everything in a click.

IdSurvey allows you to set up questionnaires for telephone, web-based and face-to-face surveys. The survey design software displays the questionnaire as the real interview, so you can easily design it. You can add or edit texts, select survey questions, and add complex rules in just a few clicks.

Survey design with IdCode

All code strength, no programming skills needed.

Designing a good survey questionnaire with IdCode is fast and intuitive, and no programming skills are necessary. You can switch from GUI to IdCode at any time, allowing you to easily learn the syntax.

IdCode Survey design - All code capacity, no programming skills needed.
Survey design questions

Survey questions

Endless combinations, brilliant solutions.

Create a questionnaire and ask general questions or specific questions by choosing from more than 50 question types. Rating and slider questions will make your survey extremely enjoyable to answer, improving the response rate to the survey questions. IdSurvey also lets you ask respondents to take or upload a photo. With the drag & drop question feature, it’s super easy to order options by preference.


Single select

Select one only answer (Radio button)



Insert answer longer than a sentence

Comparative slider

Pick what and how much you prefer

Drag & Drop Ranking

Drag answers in a ranking

Descriptive text

Insert customized text



If selected, it disables all other options


Show answer options as buttons


Multiple choice

Select one or more answers (Checkbox).


Select one answer from the drop-down


Collect answers based on a rating


Start typing and select your answer


Record live videos from the browser or upload an existing one


Save CAPI device location


Show questions inside a carouse



Insert short text answer (Input field)


Select a date with the calendar


Express a preference with like


Take a live photo also from the browser or upload an existing one



​Record live audio from the browser or upload an existing one


Use matrix questions with your preferred options


Select the worst and best attribute


Insert whole or decimal numbers



Move the pointer and pick a value


Collect feedback in a fun way

Upload file

Upload any type of file


Use any regular expression

3D Matrix

Insert more answers in a single cell


Ask for a signature during the interview
Logic and Branching - Full control on questionnaire flow.

Logic and Branching

Full control on questionnaire flow.

The best question for each respondent.Control your questionnaire flow with logic and branching tools. Logic conditions allow you to hide pages, questions, or answer choices, according to different parameters. With IdSurvey powerful tools you can easily design questionnaires that fit any of your respondents.

Logic and Branching - Full control on questionnaire flow.
Complete control, endless possibilities.


Collect quality data: decide if to display it according to previous answers or respondent’s personal information.


Manage interview-flow settings with simple or complex skip logic.


Use text piping to display an answer or data or use it to design your logic conditions.


Set quotas for any respondent’s characteristics, and collect only the interviews you need.


Display answers, questions, or pages in random order using IdSurvey's powerful random engine.


Customize the verifications, graphics, and functions of any questionnaire item by using ClientScript and its endless options.

Tools for complete control.

For all survey questions and answers you can set customized parameters.
Discover IdSurvey main features.


Insert any type of rule to validate text or numerical answers


An answer can edit the value of a previous one


Create all kinds of loops, static or dynamic to repeat sections of the questionnaire.

Not sequential

The page is displayed only if directly called by a skip condition


Answer limit

Set minimum and maximum answers for a question

Client Script

Set CSS style of JavaScript code within a page

Encode questions

Encode or assign a score to answers setting all kinds of rules.

More questions in a page

Insert more questions in a page to make questionnaire compiling faster

Update contact

Automatically update a contact field according to one or more answers



Add alerts on questions with a customized text

Unlimited conditions

Create rules of any complexity with logic conditions and functions.

Logic control

Check display conditions and skip syntax.

Out of target

Set the out of target in answers that determine the screen out

Show or Hide

Display a question or answer just in specific conditions


Optional answer

Decide if the question has a mandatory or optional answer

Easy integrations

Add variables in the interview URL to easily integrate IdSurvey with third-party tools.

Survey design Random - Random doesn’t mean chaos.


Random doesn’t mean chaos.

IdSurvey random engine displays any item of the questionnaire in random order. So you can randomize pages, questions, rows, and much more. Also, you can create groups of items and enable random on their sub-items. Moreover, with the advanced random option, our survey design software lets you create endless complex combinations for reliable survey results.

Multilingual questionnaires

Ask good questions in the right language.

Create multilingual questionnaires by simply importing the Excel files with translations. IdSurvey will automatically display the interview in the browser language of the respondent. You can also use the language to display or hide questions or change the flow of the questionnaire. This tool will improve the quality of your survey research.

Graphic interface for the creation of multilingual questionnaire with the IdSurvey software


Create multilingual questionnaires in a simple and intuitive way!

Language identification

IdSurvey will automatically display the questionnaire according to the browser language of the contact.

Pre-set language

Pre-set the user’s language in the “Language” field of the contact.

Excel columns identification

IdSurvey will identify the columns of the Excel file of your translators and automatically associate them to the corresponding language.

All the alphabets of the world

IdSurvey supports special alphabets, characters and languages such as Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc to cover all target audience.

Use one link only

Share a single survey link. IdSurvey will automatically display the questionnaire in the language of the respondent.

Default language

Choose the survey language used by IdSurvey by default if the user’s language is not in the translations available.

Export Excel

Export translation with Excel files and share them with your translators to improve your translation process.

Identify missing translations

You can export and import only the parts of the questionnaire that have not been translated yet.


Language editing

You can edit translations from the Excel file or by using the IdCode of the questionnaire.


Available for any module

Not only CAWI. Create multilingual surveys also for CATI and CAPI. Distribute the contacts according to the languages spoken by the interviewers.


Language switch

The user can decide to change to his target language by clicking on the main menu of the questionnaire.

Import Excel

Import translations with Excel files. You can import all the translations, a single language or the missing revisions only.


Manage editings

Export and import only the parts of the questionnaire that you need to revise if the main language was edited.


Customize the flow and the logics of the questionnaire according to the language used by the user.


One db

Thanks to multilingual surveys you can collect, export and analyze data in one single questionnaire for accurate results.

Survey Test Mode

With test mode you can simulate the real survey to train interviewers or test any part of the questionnaire, without concern over your data. By opening the interview in test mode, you can quickly complete the survey skipping to the questions you want to check.
When you’re ready to start the data collection, you set the survey in live mode with just one click.

Survey Test Mode

When you disable test mode, the data are reset and survey is ready to be distributed. Test data are not saved that means you can put the survey offline and in Test Mode every time you want.

Print the questionnaire

Clear on the screen, immediate on paper.

You can easily check your text by printing the questionnaire. Also, you can print logic conditions and options so you check questions logic and flow. With the immediacy of a printout, reviewing the questionnaire with your team or copywriter is a super-easy task.

Print the questionnaire - Clear on the screen, immediate on paper.
Capterra Reviews 4,8/5

Recensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - Capterra


Amazing feedback from our customers around the world.

"I overcome the limitations I found in the tools I used before IdSurvey. Powerful and easy to use, with a very knowledgeable and flexible support team. The possibilities of use are almost limitless."

I overcome the limitations I found in the tools I used before IdSurvey.

"The most sophisticated software for opinion polls and market research. User friendly interface, no need for additional experts."

The most sophisticated software for opinion polls and market research.

"The way IdSurvey handles issues is outstanding. It is very well documented and very fast. The staff is professional and helpful at all times."

The way IdSurvey handles issues is outstanding.

"Powerful and easy to use software for collecting data and designing surveys. I love IdSurvey and I would recommend it to anyone doing surveys."

Powerful and easy to use software for collecting data and designing surveys.

"When we first started using IdSurvey, we were amazed by the clean interface and ease of use of the system. IdSurvey provides us with robust sample management . Programing questionnaires has never been easier!"

Docking Institute of Public Affairs

"We found in IdSurvey the perfect partner for us. IdSurvey is the software that completely covers our company's needs in terms of data collection. You can choose from a variety of licenses that suit any kind of business, from the smallest to the largest."

Mednet Marketing Research

"The software combines an easy to use GUI with the possibility to write the questionnaire in code, this makes it fast and easy to create complex surveys. The software feels stable and the uptime on our hosted version has been 100% for us."


"Great CATI software and excellent customer service - they provide you with customized training and technical assistance to make sure your projects are successful. They offer a fast turnaround to questions and their support team is amazing."

Public Health Institute

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