All IdSurvey power mixed with code speed.

The one and only survey scripting in real time.

With IdCode you can quickly create or edit the questionnaire using code. The syntax is extremely easy and no programming skill is required. You can switch in any moment from IdCode to GUI or use both at the same time.

Simple syntax

IdCode has a surprisingly easy syntax and doesn’t require any programming experience. There’s no need of tags so you can write your questionnaire as you would on Word or other text editors. With intellisense writing conditions and skips is super easy too.

Real time

IdCode runs parallel to GUI so you can use both with no need to turn down any benefit. If you don’t know syntax of a specific function or question, you can use the graphic interface and then check how it’s coded in IdCode.

What you can do with IdCode? Everything.


Immediately find a previous question with intellisense. Start typing part of the code or text and choose from those suggested.

Search, find and replace

Take advantage of these simple tools to search or replace text in the questionnaire with no need of external tools.


Program with IdCode in fullscreen for a better control on the entire questionnaire, no distractions.

Auto tag

IdCode automatically identifies and highlights with different colors codes, logic conditions and any other IdSurvey function with no need to write tags.

Complete questionnaire

Display the code of the single page you’re working on or the entire questionnaire. You can easily duplicate and edit multiple pages or sections of the questionnaire.

Auto re-code

IdCode automatically optimizes code in the most compact structure. Questionnaire code is always flawless and easy to understand.

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