IdSurvey and GDPR

Data Protection, GDPR and Information Security

Data Protection, GDPR and Information Security


GDPR, the new EU 2016/679 legislation on Privacy will become law across 28 countries of the EU. It will have strong implications on all kind of industries including market research.

As the management, the collection and use of personal data is an essential part of every research project, all companies in the industry will have to prepare to these substantial changes.
So it’s crucial to be sure that tools used will help companies out to be compliant.

IdSurvey and GDPR

IdSurvey and our server infrastructure have all needed features to let our customers be compliant with GDPR data management.

To guide our customers to the most compliant use of IdSurvey we’re working on a document to describe procedures and software features that will be useful for GDPR.

What is the goal of GDPR?

The new GDPR legislation has been designed to give users a greater control on the use of personal data. It also makes rules on data protection in EU more or less the same. It will dictate new rules to all organizations that collect and process data related to EU citizens.

The new legislation will make things more transparent and it’ll control activities on data protection. That’s why it’s important for all research institutes and agencies to adapt to it.

What are some of the main news of GDPR?

·Data portability
One main news is the right of data portability. That will make moving data from one controller to the other easier for EU citizens.

·Right to be forgotten
EU citizens have the right to demand that their data be deleted if it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.

·Privacy by design
That is the duty to plan a risk analysis (Privacy Assessment) at the beginning of any productive process to guarantee data security.

·Privacy by default
The mode and mean of data processing have to be restrained to the achievement of the goal those data were collected for.

·Records of processing activities
The Data Controller (processing owner) have to write and update a Record of processing activites.

·Data Protection Officer
To support the Data Controller the Data Protection Officer has to be designated. He will have to produce the so called Privacy Impact Assessment.

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