IdSurvey: all the best survey tools in one software

Choosing the right survey tool to have a successful questionnaire.

When you begin your market research or academic research project, one of the first and most important decision is choosing the right survey tools for your questionnaire. A survey tool provides the basis for building and delivering your questions, as well as the essential component of data collection. You need a platform that is reliable, functional, flexible and easy to use. IdSurvey offers all this and much more, making it one of the most preferred survey tools for research on the market today.

IdSurvey takes you beyond the research limits.


Intuitive design interface

See how your survey will look to respondents, even as you build it.


Conduct your questionnaire by phone, in person, or on the web, with offline capabilities as well.


Real time data

Monitor survey progress at any time and track your interviewers productivity and progress.


Export options for data analysis

Work with your data by exporting from IdSurvey into a wide range of formats, including Excel, SPSS, Triple-S, CSV, text and Microsoft Access.

Why choose IdSurvey for your research project

A professional survey platform gives you high-performance results

  • Design with ease
    Survey tools let you create an appealing questionnaire design with minimal effort rank at the top of the list. IdSurvey offers a variety of design tools that make it simple to create an eye-catching questionnaire without any special skills or training. With the easy-to-use interface, you can create an engaging survey in a quickly and efficiently way. The IdSurvey software also allows you to choose from over 50 question types for custom-building your perfect questionnaire.
  • Conduct your survey the way you want
    IdSurvey lets you create and administer CAPI, CAWI and CATI surveys, so you can conduct your research in the format that works best. With mixed methodology, you can combine telephone, in-person and web-based formats to suit your project needs. A survey tool that offers this level of versatility is essential, whether you want to collect data from a wide sample base or a very specific set of respondents.
  • Powerful coding capabilities, no coding skills needed
    IdSurvey has a feature called IdCode, which allows you to build out questions using code without having to know any programming language. The platform uses GUI (graphical user interface) which allows you to see how the questions will look like onscreen. You can switch back and forth between IdCode and GUI to work in coding mode and the graphical interface.
  • Test mode for trials or training
    Survey tools that let you test out your questionnaire before you administer it give you the flexibility to train and practice with your interviewers and work out any bugs in advance. IdSurvey offers a test mode so you can review your survey and make sure it is perfect before you deploy.

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