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Questa Applicazione raccoglie alcuni Dati Personali dei propri Utenti.  

Controller of Data Processing

IdWeb S.r.l. viale Romagna, 69 – 06012 Città di Castello – PG, [email protected]  

Types of data collected

There are data collected automatically, “browsing data” among Personal Data collected through the website autonomously or through third party: computer systems and website software procedures collect, during their normal functioning, some personal data and its transmission is implied in the internet communication protocols. These are information that are not collected to be associated with identified individuals but for their nature they could identify users through elaborations and associations with third party data. We find in this category of data IP addresses or domain names of computer used by users connecting to the website, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of requested resources, request time, method used to make the request to the server, dimension of the file received as request, numerical code of the status of the server request (completed, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operative system and to the IT environment of the user. These data are just used to obtain anonymous statistical information on website use and to control the right functioning and they’re immediately deleted after the processing. The data might be used for the verification of responsibility in case of hypothetical violations to the website. Also, there are data that are directly conferred to the user if a natural person subscribes contracts or sends requests through contact forms in the website. In these cases data processed are: identification data (name, surname), personal and contact data (phone number, email). Other Personal Data collected may be indicated in other sections of this privacy policy or through informative texts displayed during Data collection. The possible use of Cookies – or other tracing tools – by this website or by the Controller of third party services used by this website has the scope of identifying the User and record his preference for purposes linked to the service distribution requested by the User, if not differently specified. If some Personal Data are not provided by the User, distribution of services requested might be denied. The User will take on the responsibility of third party Personal Data published or shared through the website and he guarantees he has the right to communicate or broadcast them, releasing the Controller from any responsibility to third party. Paper mail and electronic mail coordinates are supplied by the person concerned during the trade of a product or service and they will be used by the Controller to propose similar services assuming that the person concerned doesn’t refuse this use, initially or in following communications. The person concerned can refuse the processing in any moment, easily and for free, according to the procedure indicated in the act of data provision or in following communications, sending an email with “I oppose” to the following email address: [email protected]  

Procedure and place of the processing of collected data

Processing procedure The Controller processes User Personal Data adopting right security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, editing or deleting of Personal Data. The processing is done through IT and/or telematic tools, with organizational procedures and with logic linked to specified purposes. Categories of subjects that data will be communicated to In relation to the purposes of the data collection or processing they might be communicated – if necessary – to:
  • public Administrations and Authorities, if provided by law;
  • credit Institutions that interact with the controller for credit/debit management and financial brokering;
  • all those physical and/or juridical subjects, public and/or private (legal, administrative and fiscal consulting offices, juridical offices (Chamber of commerce, etc) when the communication is needed or functional to the owner activities and in way and purposes specified in the related section;
  • in some cases, authorised subject categories involved in site organization (administrative, commercial, marketing, legal and sys-admin staff) may have access to the Data;
  • some external subjects that data might be communicated to (as third party technical providers, curriers, hosting providers, IT companies. communication agencies) are also nominated, if needed, Responsible of Data processing by the Controller. The updated list can always be asked to the Data Controller.
Place Data are processed in the operative headquarter of the Controller and in any other place where the parties involved in the processing are located. For other information, contact the Controller.  

Purposes of the processing of Data collected

Processing purposes followed by the Controller through the website can be resumed as follows: 1) following up to Users requests 2) accomplishing pre-contract, contract and post-contract duties in respect to composed and composing juridical relations, even at a distance; 3) following legal obligations; 4) management, administrative, accounting and fiscal fulfilment; 5) realizing not identificative statistics; 6) data will be processed by the Controller for direct selling of his own product and services, except for the right of the person concerned to refuse. If agreed, the data will be processed for purposes generally defined as marketing, that is to say for: 7) verification of the quality of services offered, even post-sale services; 8) completion of market research; 9) sending informative messages and commercial and promotional communication related to the activity and to services of the Controller, through automatic means, as email and sms, and traditional means, as paper communication, respecting principles of lawfulness and correctness and law dispositions; 10) giving information on services that the Controller and/or affiliate companies and/or controlled companies, as the commercial partners and outsourcers, through automatic means, as email and sms, and traditional means, as paper communication, respecting principles of lawfulness and correctness and law dispositions and without selling personal data to third parties. The Controller states never to sell his customers data to third parties for marketing purposes; We point out that consent given for purposes of which art. 130 commi 1 e 2 del D. Lgs 30 giugno 2003 (authorized modalities: fax email sms mms) is also extended to traditional modalities (paper mail).  

Legal basis of the processing

To lawfully process user data, the Controller uses several legal basis:
  • the necessity to conclude a contract with the person concerned and fulfil the obligations that come from it;
  • the necessity to answer to a request of the person concerned;
  • the necessity to conform to obligations required by law or exercise a right or respond to pleadings;
  • he necessity to prosecute a legitimate interest of the Company, as:
    • guarantee that the Controller network and websites and its information are safe;
    • in respect of what allowed by the Article 130 comma 4, perform marketing activities in the form of “soft spam”.
The consent of the person concerned (just when required or allowed by law). If the consent is used as legal base to process data of the person concerned, the person can easily revoke it in any moment and at no cost. The consent to personal data processing is asked for the use of data for marketing purposes related to services offered by the controller. The communications will be sent using traditional means, and automatic ex art. 130, comma 1 e 2, del D.lgs. 196 of 2003: in particular by mail, also electronic, sms, mms, fax. We specify that the consent given for the automatic modalities is extended to traditional too. Without prejudice to the rights of the data subject. The non-provision of the consent to marketing purposes won’t have any consequence for the person concerned and won’t preclude service usage.  

Storage time

Data will be stored for the time needed to reach the purpose the Company collected them for. Please consider that is some cases a longer storage time might be allowed or requested by law. Criteria to determine the storage time include: For how long the data are needed to provide the service or product or to exercise the Controller activity. There is a legal, contractual, administrative or similar duty on the data storage. For example, when there are rules that force data storage for fiscal or accounting reasons, or juridical orders to store data for an investigation, or data have to be stored for the establishment of legal claims.  

Exercise of the rights of the Users

Data treated in the infringement of the law, as well as take position against their processing in any case, for legitimate reasons. In particular, people concerned have the right to fully or partially oppose: a) for legitimate reasons to processing of personal data related to them, although pertinent to collection scope; b) to processing of personal data that are related to them for the dispatching of advertising material or direct sell or market research or commercial communication. We specify that the right of person concerned to oppose to personal data processing for the purposes above made through automatic contact modalities is extended to the traditional ones and that it does not affect the possibility for people concerned to partially exercise this right according to art. 7, comma 4, lett. B) of D. Lgs. 30 June 2003 n. 196, that is to say, opposing just to promotional communications through automated tools, for example. Requests have to be made to the Processing Controller to the contacts specified in the paragraph dedicated to the Controller of this reporting. People concerned can also, easily and for free, oppose to processing of their email coordinates by the Controller for product and service selling similar to those purchased in any moment, sending to the Processing Controller an email writing “I oppose” to the following email address: [email protected]. The person concerned is entitled to:
  • review, edit or delete data provided to our Company (if storing is not allowed anymore or if there’s no obligation to store them);
  • receive a copy of his data (in a readable form of common use);
  • ask any other information on the protection of his data;
Contact information of the Controller are:
  • Paper mail: IdWeb s.r.l. viale Romagna 69/a 06012 Città di Castello PG – Italy
  • Online: [email protected].
The Controller does its best to answer to request in time and at no cost unless it requires an enormous effort. In some cases the Controller might request to verify the identity of the person concerned before taking charge of his request. If the person concerned is not satisfied with the answer, he can file a complaint to the competent control authority of his Country (for Italy: Autorità garante per la protezione dei dati personali). This Application doesn’t support “Do Not Track” requests. To know if third parties services support them please consult their privacy policy.  

Details on Personal Data processing

Contact form (This Application) Compiling the contact form with data, the User allow its use to answer to information, quotation requests or any other request indicated in the form header. Personal data collected: Surname, Email, Address, Country, Name, Phone Number, Stare and several Data types.

Other information on processing

Defence in court proceedings User Personal Data can be used for the defence in court proceedings by the Controller or in preparatory phases to its introduction, from violation by the User of it or of the services connected. The User is aware that it might be requested to the Controller to disclose the Data by request of public authorities. Specific information By User request, this Application might provide to the User additional and contextual information related to specific services or to Personal Data collection and processing, in addition to the information included in this privacy policy. System Log and maintenance For functioning and maintenance needs, this Application and eventual third party services used might collect system Log, that is to say files that record the interactions and that can also include Personal Data as the User IP address. Information not included in this policy Further information related to Personal Data processing can be requested in any moment by the Processing Controller using contact information. Editing to this privacy policy The Processing Controller reserves the right to edit this privacy policy in any moment ensuring publicity to Users in this page. Please consult this page frequently, considering as reference the last edit date specified at the bottom of the page. If editing to this privacy policy won’t be accepted, the User has to stop the use of this Application and he can request to the Processing Controller to delete his Personal Data. Except otherwise expressly specified, the previous privacy policy will be applied to Personal Data collected up to that moment. Information on this privacy policy The Data Processing Controller is responsible for this privacy policy composed from preset forms by Iubenda and stored on its servers. This is a general information. More specific information referred to specific processing might be find in the related sections. For information on cookies, click here.

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