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Data analysis with IdSurvey

IdSurvey is a professional data analysis software with intuitive and powerful solutions for collecting, managing, and interpreting information. With a wide range of tools and features, IdSurvey transforms raw data into valuable insights, enabling users to make informed and strategic decisions.
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Survey data analysis

Analyzing questionnaire data with IdSurvey enables you to identify the best insights and strategies in just a few minutes. The data analysis tool provides a wide range of customizable metrics, charts, and data tables. With IdSurvey's data analysis tools, you can forecast future results and make informed decisions based on real data.

Forget static reports and survey data analysis. Collaborate with your team and clients by sharing online survey reports and dashboards updated in real time.

Flexibility with no compromise

With IdSurvey you can create multiple custom dashboards and share them with your colleagues and contractors, so anyone can stay up-to-date with real-time results of your surveys. If you prefer, you can also export raw data, aggregated and processed data, graphs or the entire report to analyze and layout the results with third-party tools. IdSurvey's flexibility makes it the best software for any survey data analysis task.


All the power of crosstabs in an immediate and versatile interface. You can cross tabulate any question or respondent variable and choose metrics to discover and analyze the distribution of the data. You can set up multiple nested variables for detailed analysis of response frequency for each category and subcategory. Locate mean, median, standard deviation, and more.

Graphic interface of the survey design software IdSurvey which enables you to create custom telephone, online and offline surveys.

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The most powerful survey software, loved by professionals.

Simple, clear, updated in real time: design and share your reports and survey dashboards in a few clicks.

Create, distribute, collect and analyze data with IdSurvey

Collecting data with omnichannel surveys

With IdSurvey you can create surveys for distribution in any channel. Phone interviews, web interviews with email or SMS invitation, social posting, distribution to external panels or face-to-face interviews, all in one software. You can also distribute a survey using multiple methodologies simultaneously.

Data Analysis and Report

Analyze survey data with professional and fully customizable reports. Set the data to be analyzed, metrics, charts and tables to be displayed, or take advantage of the default report. Share reports with your colleagues or clients or export it in the format you prefer.


Analyze questionnaire data with powerful cross-tabs and an easy-to-use interface. Nest multiple variables, configure baskets by grouping values, assign scores, and choose metrics. Create and save multiple views and if you want, export results to excel.

Quality Control

Use IdSurvey data analysis tools to check the reliability of collected interviews and validate only those that meet your project's quality standards. You can also correct open-ended responses or, if necessary, edit responses from the user, without ever losing the original interview.


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Discover IdSurvey

The most powerful survey software, loved by professionals.

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