IdTalk, the advanced PBX for your call center

A virtual telephone switchboard perfectly integrated with IdSurvey

A virtual telephone switchboard perfectly integrated with IdSurvey

IdTalk is the PBX – Private Branch Exchange system for telephony perfectly integrated with IdSurvey. The virtual telephone switchboard is also available OnCloud, so that you will be able to cover multiple call centers or with interviewers connected from home. In order to use IdTalk you will only need a soft phone or any SIP Voip phone. But you will not have to learn how to use a new software. In fact, you will find everything that you need in the survey settings on IdSurvey.

Click to Dial e Predictive Dialing, simplify your phone calls

Built-in softphone

Click to Dial

Click to Dial allows the interviewers of your call center to start a call simply by clicking on the link in the CATI interface. Then IdTalk will make the call right away with no need for the interviewer to enter any phone number. You can use the Click to Dial function with any SIP phone, both software and traditional phone.

Predictive Dialing

Predictive Dialing allows you to cut the time needed to search available contacts, increasing the productivity of the interviewers. In fact, IdTalk will automatically make the calls and connect the respondents to the first interviewer available. The smart calls detection will filter the wrong connections, making sure that only the successful connections are transferred to the interviewers.

Main features of IdSurvey and IdTalk

The virtual telephone switchboard enables you to set call parameters according to the requirements of your project and to the laws of the country from where you are calling.

Calling hours

Choose the time frame in which the respondents can be contacted. IdSurvey and IdTalk phone system will automatically manage the UTC of each single contact.

Attempts limit

Set the call attempts limits for each contact. You can set a global limit and a specific limit for each outcome.

Delays on outcome

You can set the withdrawal time of a contact after a specific outcome. IdSurvey will ignore the contact until the withdrawal time that was previously set is over.


If you are using multiple phone numbers for each contact, you can pick the call priority even when you are working with predictive dialing.

Silent calls

IdTalk automatically detects mute calls. You can monitor the number and the percentage of mute calls for each single survey.

Maximum calls

You can set a maximum number of calls to be made simultaneously. This parameter is available for each survey.

Calling level

Cut the waiting times of the interviewers by setting the relation between predictive dialing calls and number of interviewers.

Ring number

When you are working with predictive dialing you can set a maximum number of rings for each call attempt.

Call detection

Thanks to the effective call detection your interviewers will not loose precious time. IdTalk will automatically detect the signals: busy line, no answer, voicemail, fax, etc.

Control and measure the performance of your Call Center

Monitor and measure the performances of your call center with the IdTalk PBX system. Listen to ongoing interviews live and record them with quality control. Moreover, use the report on the project performances and keep track of the productivity of your interviewers.
Calls recording
The feature of calls recording will allow you to record phone interviews. You can listen to the calls or you can store them by simply accessing to the shared ftp folder.
Monitoring audio live
From any traditional phone or soft phone connected to IdTalk, the monitoring manager can make phone intrusions to listen to ongoing interviews.
IdSurvey - Operators activity

Integrate IdTalk PBX with your call center

The integration of dialers often requires a long configuration and start-up procedure. IdTalk is quick to integrate. It keeps the IT costs down and it can be configured according to your requirements in no time.

Internet connection suitable for the number of lines used simultaneously
(1Mb every 30 lines with G.729 codec)

VoIP phones or soft phones with SIP internet protocol
For telephonic equipment, IdTalk supports the most common SIP Voip phones and the common free or pre-paid soft phones such as Zopier, Zoiper Pro, Bria, x-lite and 3cx. Some features such as Click to Dial and Codec G.729 could only be available for the pre-paid versions.

Ports: 5060 UDP – from 10.000 to 20.000 UDP

(equipped with a pre-configured virtual machine)

It can be used with any VoIP provider.
For the OnSite installations our IT experts will assist you during the configuration and they will guide you to choose the best solutions for your needs.

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