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CATI Software for Phone Surveys

CATI survey software

Web based phone survey software

The CATI survey module – Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing – is the telephone based interviews system part of the IdSurvey software. Your CATI interviewers can start data collection right away, without any specific training, thanks to its intuitive interface. Just like any other part of IdSurvey, the phone survey software is also web based. So, you just need a common browser and an internet connection to make your telephone interviews, without any additional configuration or program.
Phone data collection

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CATI Software advanced features

The most advanced computer aided technology for managing telephone surveys

Built-in softphone

Built-in softphone

Oops...there is nothing to configure

All interviewers can instantly call respondents without installing any external software and without configuring PBX, routers, and firewalls – even via remote. All softphone features and controls are seamlessly integrated into the CATI interviewers’ interface and contextualized within the workflow.

Click to dial and predictive dialing

The most advanced computer aided technology for managing telephone surveys

With Click to Dial, you can quickly call respondents with just one click on the telephone number. Moreover with IdSurvey PBX – IdTalk – you can activate Predictive Dialing eliminating time spent searching for available contacts and duplicating productivity. In fact, Predictive Dialing will automatically take care of sample management. Then it transfers calls to the first available interviewer in real time.
CATI software - predictive dialing
Supervisor is IdSurvey's advanced tool for real-time monitoring of interviewers' productivity during telephone surveys.

Supervisor Dashboard

The most advanced CATI system for telephone interviewers' monitoring

Supervisor is IdSurvey’s advanced tool for real-time monitoring of interviewers’ productivity during telephone surveys. With a clear and simple interface, supervisors can easily monitor every detail of interviewers’ activities, customize the data to be displayed by choosing from over 80 metrics and metadata, watch the agents’ working interface live and take advantage of innovative tools that make this tool the most advanced in the industry. Supervisor also includes Watcher, the tool to watch the interviewer screen live with no additional software or plugins.

Computer assisted telephone interviewing software appointments

Smart CATI survey management for your calls

Your interviewers can easily manage standard and reserved appointments. Also, you can add notes for interviewers that will be displayed right before the survey questions. The survey administrator can set rules on calls and appointments to easily manage the entire call center and increase your customer satisfaction.
Graphic interface of the CATI software during a telephone survey

CATI software main features

Manage interviewers with great flexibility and full control

CATI Interviewers statistics

Monitor interviewers activity and productivity.

CATI survey call outcomes

Set rules for each call outcome.

CATI Interviewer rules

Set rules for your agents.

Dynamic texts

Add a dynamic introduction for interviewers to read.

Time Zone

Smart time zone management.

Spare sample

Set a spare list of contacts for your CATI survey.

CATI Supervisor Dashboard

Monitor the agent performance dashboard in real time.

OutBound and InBound

Manage inbound and outbound calls.

Click to dial

With Click-to-dial the interviewers call the respondents with a click.

Predictive dialing

It automatically makes calls and transfers them to the first available agent.

Telephone survey software appointments

Easily manage CATI survey standard and reserved appointments.

CATI system key entry

Speed up interviewers' activity with keyboard shortcuts.

Screen monitoring

Check the screen of CATI agents in real-time.

Built-in softphone

Make calls on the fly without installing any additional software.

CATI Supervisors and interviewers chat

Send instant messages with notifications and read confirmations.

Broadcast messages

Post messages visible to all CATI survey interviewers.

Capterra Reviews 4,8/5
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra


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CATI software Key entry

Speed up the productivity of your agents with the keyboard inputs

CATI software key entry

Use the keyboard to fill in interviews, start calls and mark the call outcome in the computer assisted telephone interviewing software. To answer, just type the code of the desired option, the focus then moves immediately to the next question. With Key-entry your phone agents will be faster than ever before.

Quote - Imposta un campione statistico dell’indagine.

CATI survey software quotas

Set a statistical sample for your CATI survey

You can set quotas to only collect interviews that are useful for your statistical sample. IdSurvey allows you to add or edit quotas even when the survey is live. Quotas can be based on pre-owned data or on data collected during the interview. Contacts that belong to a completed quota won’t be passed to the phone interviewers.

CATI system easy and quick setup

Start working with CATI software right away

Implementing a new CATI survey software might pose challenges, despite being aware of its eventual benefits for your business. With IdSurvey you can start working with the CATI platform within days of setup, it requires no installation of additional tools to CATI interviewers and minimal training.
IdVoip - Servizio VoIP professionale, senza costi nascosti.
Mixed mode - Combina più metodologie in un’unica indagine.

CATI Software in Mixed Mode

Mix multiple methodologies in the same CATI survey

By using IdSurvey CATI software with CAWI or CAPI you can conduct a multi mode survey. With Mixed Mode you can add all web and face-to-face advantages to your CATI survey.

CATI software licenses

You can buy unlimited-time licenses for CATI interviewers or rent licenses according to your project’s duration. In either case, data collection with the telephone survey software is unlimited. And, if you need to activate extra temporary licenses, you can take advantage of our super-flexible Daily Tokens.


Buy CATI software licenses for perennial use. You pay a small annual fee for maintenance and updates, and keep the licenses for as long as you need them.


Rent annual licenses and use IdSurvey without restrictions. Updates and OnCloud service are included in the price.

Daily tokens

If you need to increase your number of interviewers for just a short period of time, you can buy Daily Tokens. Token credit is only deducted after actual use.

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CATI software: FAQ

What is CATI Software?

C.A.T.I. software (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) is a survey tool designed to streamline the process of conducting telephone surveys and interviews. It integrates computer technology with traditional telephone interviewing methods, allowing researchers to administer surveys using computer software while interacting with respondents over the phone. CATI software typically includes features such as survey design, call scheduling, sample management, data collection, and reporting capabilities.

What are the most important features of a CATI Survey Software?

A CATI survey software typically offers several key features that are available in professional platforms:

1. Survey Scripting and logic: CATI software allows users to create and customize survey scripts of different complexities. Professional CATI software supports advanced survey logic, including branching and skip patterns.

2. Call Management: the telephone survey software includes features such as automatic dialing, call routing, call scheduling, and call monitoring. These features help optimize the workflow by organizing and managing calls effectively.

3. Data Collection: CATI software enables real-time data collection during the phone call through an intuitive GUI.

4. Sample Management: CATI software offers tools for managing respondent lists and sample. It helps researchers maintain and update contact information, track response rates, and manage sample quotas effectively.

5. Reporting and Analytics: CATI survey software often includes reporting and analytics features to analyze survey data.

Together, these features assist researchers in efficiently conducting telephone interviews , while streamlining the processes of data collection, management, and analysis, ensuring high-quality results.

How does computer assisted telephone interviewing software work?

CATI software operates by integrating computer technology with telephone interviewing to streamline the survey process. The phone survey agents access an online interface where they initiate contact with respondents by dialing their phone numbers. CATI interviewers follow on-screen instructions to conduct interviews and collect survey responses. The CATI software securely saves the responses directly into the database in real-time, eliminating the possibility of data loss or collection issues during phone interviews. The software employs computer-assisted technology to ensure response coherence, using coherence checks and halting the interview if any answer is recorded incorrectly.

What are the advantages of a phone survey software?

Phone survey software can be an essential tool for improving the quality of your market research projects. The immediate data capture of a CATI software eliminates the need for manual transcription, reducing errors and expediting the analysis process.
Phone survey software also allows for efficient data management, as it organizes and stores survey responses securely in a centralized database. This simplifies data retrieval and enables researchers to access and analyze the collected data easily.

Professional CATI system often includes tools for monitoring and quality control, such as coherence checks and control questions. These features help maintain data accuracy by detecting and correcting any inconsistencies or errors during the interview process.
Phone survey software provides researchers with real-time data collection, streamlined management, customization capabilities, quality control features, and workflow automation, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of survey research.

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