Survey Software for government bodies and public institutions.

Government contracting market research

The most appreciated software for government and demographic surveys

The collection of information through government and demographic surveys, opinion and political polls allows government bodies, public administration, political entities or government agencies to quickly know the needs of their users and to establish strong relationships with citizens, voters, patients and employees.
With the data collection software for public opinion surveys you can drive online, by phone and offline polls in a quick, safe and effective way.

Choose the survey methodology that better fits with your public research

Improve the quality of your services

Improve the value and the quality of your services by verifying and listening to the opinion of the ones who benefit from them. The feedback collected will provide you with valuable information that will guide you towards the right decisions and the best strategies to improve the quality of your services.

customer satisfaction

Improve every interaction, each single focal point with your organization and optimize the experience of the ones who benefit from your services. Plan the best strategy to improve quality and satisfaction.

Improve employees satisfaction

Listen to your employees and create a positive work experience. Listening to the staff of your organization will help you to improve quality and performance. The feedback collected will provide you with valuable information to maximize your productivity.

Create services that are actually useful

Collect valuable information to decide, design and create high quality services. Put the actual needs and expectations of citizens, constituents and employees at the center of your decisions. You will be able to optimize the budget by planning only the projects that are necessary.

A platform for any type of public survey

With IdSurvey you can carry out public surveys online, by phone and offline, for the most diverse purposes:

  • Demographic researches.
  • Government survey.
  • Health survey.
  • Political polls.
  • Presidential polls.
  • Opinion polls.
  • Statistical surveys.
  • Analysis of services to the citizen.
  • Geolocated services.
  • Patient satisfaction.
  • Medical statistics.
  • Tourism and leisure.
  • Social research.
  • Public services satisfaction.
The interface of IdSurvey, professional software for demographic surveys and online polls

Choose the survey methodology that better fits with your public research

With IdSurvey you can choose the most suitable methodology for your public survey, from the distribution of the questionnaire to data collection, simply by activating the software modules with a click:

CATI Software

Telephone interviews.

CAWI Software

Online surveys.

CAPI Software

Face-to-face surveys.

Mixed mode

The survey platform for demographic and government surveys by IdSurvey enables to distribute the questionnaire in Mixed-mode thanks to the perfect integration between CATI, CAWI, and CAPI methodology. You can quickly reach your target market: distribute the survey to your agents or online, sending the link via email or sms or publishing it on a website or social media.

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The most powerful survey software, loved by professionals.
Capterra Reviews 4,8/5

Recensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - Capterra


Amazing feedback from our customers around the world.

"I overcome the limitations I found in the tools I used before IdSurvey. Powerful and easy to use, with a very knowledgeable and flexible support team. The possibilities of use are almost limitless."

I overcome the limitations I found in the tools I used before IdSurvey.

"The most sophisticated software for opinion polls and market research. User friendly interface, no need for additional experts."

The most sophisticated software for opinion polls and market research.

"The way IdSurvey handles issues is outstanding. It is very well documented and very fast. The staff is professional and helpful at all times."

The way IdSurvey handles issues is outstanding.

"Powerful and easy to use software for collecting data and designing surveys. I love IdSurvey and I would recommend it to anyone doing surveys."

Powerful and easy to use software for collecting data and designing surveys.

"When we first started using IdSurvey, we were amazed by the clean interface and ease of use of the system. IdSurvey provides us with robust sample management . Programing questionnaires has never been easier!"

Docking Institute of Public Affairs

"We found in IdSurvey the perfect partner for us. IdSurvey is the software that completely covers our company's needs in terms of data collection. You can choose from a variety of licenses that suit any kind of business, from the smallest to the largest."

Mednet Marketing Research

"The software combines an easy to use GUI with the possibility to write the questionnaire in code, this makes it fast and easy to create complex surveys. The software feels stable and the uptime on our hosted version has been 100% for us."


"Great CATI software and excellent customer service - they provide you with customized training and technical assistance to make sure your projects are successful. They offer a fast turnaround to questions and their support team is amazing."

Public Health Institute

A powerful, easy and intuitive tool

It is extremely easy to create and manage surveys with IdSurvey. You will not need any programming skill or to install any kind of software. Simply open the browser and pick among the endless combinations of questions. The rating, slider drag & drop and score questions will make your questionnaire fun and intuitive. You can also create, collaborate and share the survey results with reports and dashboards updated in real time.

Easy and intuitive

The questionnaire design interface is displayed as the actual interview, so that it will be extremely easy to manage. You can add any kind of question, texts, pictures, videos and complex rules in just a few clicks, without having to write any code line.


IdSurvey advanced tools combine the simplicity of the interface with advanced and high quality professional features. Design and manage any kind of complex survey with no need to know any programming language.


Data security

The OnCloud IdSurvey infrastructure offers you high quality efficiency and service stability. The security systems such as anti-DDoS and the ISO/IEC 27001 e SOC 1 TYPE II E SOC 2 TYPE II certifications ensure an excellent safety organization.

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Sometimes you need to delegate your projects in order to focus your energies on other initiatives. So the IdSurvey team will support you every step of the way.


Our team of experts will ensure the success of your projects. We will support you every step of the way by guiding you in the programming and configuration of the most complex market research surveys.


Our team of experts will train your team of researchers, supervisors and interviewers in order to meet the requirements of your company.


Our team will help you to get over any difficulty and to obtain better results.

Customization and integration

Our experts will help you by developing customizations, new features or integrations with external softwares and guaranteeing full operability.
Graphic interface of the survey design software IdSurvey which enables you to create custom telephone, online and offline surveys.

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