Cloud Spectator – an American qualified agency – has recently published its Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers. So, the Cloud that hosts the cloud software IdSurvey takes 1st place in Europe and 2nd place in North America. A result that legitimize a Cloud model that always put performance and competitiveness first.

With its top ranking in European and North America chart, the Cloud that hosts IdSurvey overtop big names as Rackspace, Google, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean e AWS.


Cloud survey software is not always the same!

Cloud Spectator aspires to bring more transparency in Cloud market to guide companies in choosing their IaaS provider. The results show “strong discrepancies between the various players in terms of pricing, performance and stability,” as noted by Kenny Li (Cloud Spectator CEO).
The great result of IdSurvey’s Cloud provider is the natural consequence of a substantial difference in the very design of its Public Cloud and its instances of high availability (HA). In fact, the user has access to 100% of the resources for the entire time.


See it for yourself!

The absence of standard benchmarks and the number of variables to consider make it difficult to compare cloud services between providers.
But you also have to keep in mind that performance varies according to configuration of the service, the chosen options and the kind of workload being considered.

Tests made by Cloud Spectator were carried out on machines hosted in Strasbourg in eastern France. However, IdSurvey’s Cloud provider offer is available in several OVH datacentres in Gravelines (northern France) and Beauharnois (near Montreal, for North America) for great customer experience.


Cloud survey software: IdSurvey

IdSurvey is a cutting-edge survey suite to design sophisticated surveys for telephone, web and face to face data collection. You can create surveys and then turn your survey data into in-depth reports and intuitive dashboards with the newest section Analysis & Report.

IdSurvey is distributed in international markets and it has already been chosen by influential European, American and South American companies. The survey software is available in English, Spanish, German and Italian.