How can you motivate your respondents to complete a research survey? In today’s research, there’s a lot of tricks to reach the goal. Did you know that your survey layout can influence the success of your project?

Using company logos and progress bar are two strategies that can help your data collection but just if you use them correctly.

In today’s article, we analyze the good and the bad of using them.

Survey layout: using your company logo

When you’re using your company logo in your questionnaire template, you’re giving to that survey the prestige of your brand. That’s why it can motivate people to answer questions when they see your brand in the interface of a web survey.

Is this situation valid for all surveys? Not at all. Let’s see why using a logo can be good and why it can be bad:

Yes: it makes your questionnaire more reliable.
For example: imagine a survey with no logo and another survey with a recognizable logo of a company that the target is familiar with. Which of the two the respondent will be more inclined to complete? With no doubt the second one.

No: for some surveys, the logo can mislead the target’s attention or even influence answers.
For example: your questionnaire is aimed to collect respondents’ preferences related to some products (of competitors too) that are common in the market. In this scenario, the logo can influence answers.

Survey layout: using a progress bar

You have to think about the progress bar as a mental coach constantly boosting your respondent’s will to complete the questionnaire. A lot of researches show that questionnaires where a progress bar is displayed collect a higher response rate.

As for the logo also for the progress bar, you always have to weigh your final goal. Here are pros and cons to keep in mind:

Yes: the progress bar encourages respondents to complete the questionnaire taking advantage of that good feeling we all get when we know we can complete a task in a short amount of time.

No: if you use it in a long questionnaire, it can be counterproductive. A bar that is progressing slowly after a lot of questions are answered can lead the respondent to abandon the survey.

IdSurvey for your customized surveys with company logo and progress bar

Do I display the logo or not? Do I display the progress bar or not?

These are reasonable questions that don’t have a definitive answer, as said above.

It all depends on your goals.

IdSurvey allows you to customize your survey template with a logo and a progress bar.

And even more: you can decide if to correct previous answers, display respondents names, and much more. The goal is to provide you with the best software to design effective online surveys.


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