Choose a comprehensive interview management software for your next survey project

Conducting a research survey is a complex process that doesn’t begin and end with administering the interview. In addition to the in-depth work that goes into creating relevant and effective questions, you also need to find an interview management software that gives you powerful tools to work with the results of your survey. Here are some tips for how to choose the right software for your project.


Understand the types of questions you can analyze

It isn’t always easy to find software that easily allows you to analyze all the quantitative data you collect with your survey. The best interview software allows you to work with and deconstruct many different types of questions. IdSurvey software, for example, while not specifically an interview analysis software, does let you analyze survey responses in a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require special training to use or understand.


Determine ease of use of your interview management software

Sometimes research professionals think that if an interview management software is complicated and difficult to use, that must mean it has more powerful capabilities and is better for professionals. This isn’t accurate, however, because the best software also takes ease of use into account. IdSurvey offers a dedicated analysis tool that allows you to easily encode text answers for analysis, so you can work quickly and efficiently.


Ensure you can conduct different types of surveys

Your interview management software should allow you to conduct many different types of interviews. IdSurvey software gives you the tools you need to build the interviews you want to conduct. The software allows you to conduct your surveys online or offline with later upload, and you can interview via web, phone, or in person.


Examine the options to export data from your interview management software

Ultimately you will likely need to export your database in a format that is suitable for the platform you are using, to analyze your ultimate data. Check to make sure your interview management software offers a variety of options for data export beyond just Excel, CSV and TXT formats, such as SPSS and Triple-S. Versatility in your export options allows you to work with your results in a flexible variety of ways.

When you are deciding which software to use for your next research project, make sure you have a good understanding of how the software’s tools and capabilities allow you to successfully work with your data every step of the way.


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