Conducting a CATI survey is simple when you have the right tool

If you are a researcher working in product marketing or academia, you may already be familiar with the basics of how to conduct a CATI survey. Computer-assisted telephone interviewing is a popular and effective way to gather data for market research or an academic research project. Here are a few basics of how to work with CATI survey methodology so you can conduct an effective data collection.


What is CATI survey methodology?

CATI stands for computer-assisted telephone interviewing. When you use CATI Research, interviewers follow a script provided by a survey software application, such as IdSurvey CATI software. The interviewer inputs the responses into the software and pre-coded answer choices based on the respondent’s answers to each question. This is a fast and efficient way to gather data.


What makes CATI the right choice

CATI survey methodology is convenient for a variety of reasons. The personal touch with a voice interview can produce better engagement with respondents, as opposed to a web-only survey. Experienced interviewers know how to engage the respondent while the computer handles the technical aspects of the survey administration.

Software such as IdSurvey gives you the right platform for conducting your telephone survey. With IdSurvey, you do everything right from the same platform using an ordinary web browser. Setting up is easy and doesn’t require any additional software or special training, so you can get started right away. The software allows you to build your CATI survey from start to finish. You can add dynamic texts for interviewers to read, as well as program your questions to suit the exact needs of your research project.


How the right features make the difference

The right survey software also lets you manage other parameters of conducting telephone interviews, beyond just the survey contents. For example, with IdSurvey you can monitor your interviewers’ productivity because the software generates interviewer statistics for you to review.

IdSurvey also allows you to set appointments for calls, set rules on calls, manage inbound and outbound calls, and manage groups and single interviewers. There’s even a smart time zone feature for both respondents and interviewers. You can easily manage the functions of your entire call center with just one software program.

When your research project calls for telephone interviewing, choose the right software for your CATI survey. With a functional platform, conducting your telephone interviews becomes a breeze, and you’ll be well on your way to gathering valuable data in no time.


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