A predictive dialer is an automated outbound dialing system often used in combination with CATI survey software.

Modern cloud dialers offer different types of outbound dialing modes: manual, progressive, or predictive.
With manual dialing, the call agent clicks on the phone number to initiate the call.
In the progressive call, the contact information is shown to the telephone agent and, after a certain period of time, the dialer dials the number automatically.

The predictive dialing system automatically calls numbers until it detects a connection, then passes the call to an available interviewer. The dialer automatically marks the call as busy, voicemail, no-answer, disconnected, and so on.

How does a predictive dialer work?

The predictive dialer software uses algorithms to predict when CATI interviewers will be available to take the next call and then dial numbers on their behalf. 

Predictive dialers only transfer successful connections to interviewers guaranteeing little-to-no downtime to your activities when compared to manual dialing.

The call center manager can adjust dialing parameters from the dialer dashboard for the maximum number of concurrent calls or the dial level (the ratio between predictive calls and interviewers).




What are the main advantages of using predictive dialing?

When compared to manual dialing, predictive dialing can save agents a lot of time and drastically reduce downtime.
For example, an agent can take up to 30 seconds to manually dial a phone number. And a few attempts might be required before the call gets answered.
The predictive dialer can optimize dialing by calculating the average length of a call and the average number of attempts required to make a connection.

The main advantages of using a predictive dialer are:

  • Increase interviewers’ working time.
  • Lower abandonment rates.
  • Real-time adjustments.
  • Designed to stay within research guidelines and limitations (as maximum attempts or silent calls percentage).

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