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Custom alerts
It allows you to insert controls on any page of the questionnaire and warn the respondent with a personalized text.


Show as buttons
The new “show as buttons” option allows you to view single or multiple questions with a new user friendly look.

It allows you to change the style of the matrix questions making the compilation easier and more understandable.
Carousel shows one line at a time and automatically scrolls to the next line.

The MaxDiff question allows you to ask which attribute is the worst and which is the best. Or the least important and the most important.

Options in matrix
IdSurvey 8 also adds options to change the behavior of the matrix questions making them incredibly flexible for particular uses, without the need for any script. The exclusive columns option prevents you from selecting the same answer on different rows. This solution is useful for creating ranking grids, as an alternative to the drag&drop question. In addition, the mandatory columns option is available if you want to answer not only the questions in each row, but also all the columns.

These new features can be combined with each other and with those already available in the matrix questions. This allows you to create even very special matrix for the most diverse needs. For example, you can make the rows optional and set the columns as mandatory to create a rotated grid.

In addition to changing the behavior of the matrix, there are also options that change their layout.
We can reduce the width of the matrix, which is a perfect option for form creation, or choose to show the matrix question even on mobile devices or to show one line at a time, as if they were many separate simple questions.

Signature and Upload File
IdSurvey 8 also introduces new special question types, perfect for CAWI and CAPI surveys.
The signature question is perfect for touch devices but also compatible on desktop computers with mouse or trackpad.
The Upload File question allows you to upload any type of file. You can specify the file types allowed.

Photo question
If you use a compatible browser, you will be asked whether you want to upload an existing photo or take a new one.
For example, you may request a photo of the respondent, or to take the photo to a document. A perfect solution if you are using IdSurvey for a recruitment.

Audio question
It can be used to request vocal feedback rather than expect the respondent to detail their opinions in a long text area.

Video question
Useful for qualitative surveys but also for Mystery Shopping and other uses.

Disc Space
With IdSurvey 8 we have revolutionized media management by providing dedicated disk space to keep the database lighter.
As a result, you can now manage large amounts of files, including high-definition video, without adversely affecting IdSurvey’s performance.
Each customer will have 5GB of disk space available for free.
For those who make extensive use of media – especially video questions -upgrades to 250GB are available at a cost of €299 per year and 500GB at €499 per year.

CAPI Test Mode
With IdSurvey 8 you can finally use the test mode on the CAPI app.

Thanks to the QRcodes found in the list of interviewers assigned to the CAPI survey, you can simply frame them with your smartphone or tablet to access the survey immediately.

CAPI Silent Recording
By activating the silent recording option in the settings, all CAPI interviews will be recorded.
Thanks to the GPS position recording too, you will be able to supervise the work of the agents and the quality of the collected interviews.
In addition, thanks to a new flowscript function, you will be able to record even a part of the interview.

CAPI Synchronization
The synchronization of files and interviews has been completely re-written bringing numerous advantages.
The uploading of interviews is now faster and more efficient, even for surveys with multimedia questions.
But there is another important new feature. The CAPI now fully supports mix-mode surveys.
With IdSurvey 8, even partial interviews are synchronized with the server and this allows – for example – to start an interview with CAPI and complete it with CATI or vice versa. You can even pass a partial CAPI interview to another agent, or retrieve all the synchronized interviews even if you change devices.
The procedure for opening the complete CAPI interviews has also become very simple. Now it is enough for an administrator to click on “open interview” and after the synchronization the agent will be able to access the interview immediately.

CATI Restyling
IdSurvey 8 brings news also in the CATI interface.
We have improved the contrasts and eliminated nuances to improve readability and therefore the work of the agents. For the same reason, some fonts have been replaced, such as telephone numbers and codes. Now the interviewers interface is much clearer and essential.

CATI Key-entry
IdSurvey presents Key entry.
With Key-entry you can use only the keyboard to fill in interviews, start calls and mark the outcomes. It can visibly increase the speed of agents. The use is very simple but it hides a sophisticated engine to make key entry really convenient.

CAWI reCaptcha
The reCaptcha feature prevents access to the interview with bots. ReCaptcha is extremely useful when posting a link to a site or social media.

CAWI Redirect overquota
Specific redirect for complete but over-quota interviews for specific redirection, as provided by some panel providers.

To facilitate testing and previewing on mobile devices, a QRcode is available for immediate access to the interview simply by framing it with the camera, similar to the CAPI feature.


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