Tips for selecting the best CAPI survey software for face-to-face interviews

If you are conducting a research project, one of the first things you need to determine is the survey methodology you need to use in order to achieve your results. There are three main types of survey methodologies: web-based surveys (CAWI)telephone-based surveys (CATI), and face-to-face interviews (CAPI). All of these methodologies use a computer to collect data.

Computer-assisted personal interviews, or CAPI, have many benefits. If you wish to use this methodology for your next questionnaire, you need to know more about what is CAPI and choose the right CAPI survey software for your project. Here are some pointers to help you in your selection process.


Look for online/offline versatility

With an in-person interview, your interviewers will intercept respondents directly on site. One potential drawback to this methodology is that not all locations have a wi-fi or computer connection for conducting the interview. To overcome this challenge, select CAPI survey software that allows you to conduct interviews offline and later upload the results when an internet connection becomes available. IdSurvey software offers this capability.


Ensure compatibility with your data analysis tool

The CAPI survey software you select will be instrumental in helping you gather accurate data. However, you should also consider how compatible the software is with any data analysis software tools you intend to use after your finish your survey. IdSurvey allows you to export data in Excel, SPSS, Triple-S, Microsoft Access and CSV formats. With this compatibility you can seamlessly integrate your collected data with the post-survey analysis process.


Consider ease of use

Your interviewers may be quite skilled at conducting personal interviews, but they need CAPI survey software that allows them to perform their job with ease. The right software will have a streamlined interface that doesn’t require interviewers to have special programming skills or specialized training. IdSurvey software is a user-friendly platform that makes it simple to conduct an in-person interview on a tablet, computer, or even a smartphone. The display automatically adapts to the device used, so the screen view is always optimized.


Choose the right software for the right end results

Your research project is important, so you should trust it to CAPI survey software that helps you get the results you need. With IdSurvey, you can conduct face-to-face interviews with or without an internet connection, collecting data that you can easily export for later analysis. The investment you make up front in your questionnaire software is an important step in ensuring an effective overall data-collection process.


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