Telephone interviews made easy with straightforward CATI survey methodology

Many leading businesses rely on computer-assisted telephone interviewing, or CATI survey methodology, to gather valuable data that can help them get to build their brands. Universities and researchers can also use CATI in their work, collecting information to use in academic studies. The functionality of the CATI methodology makes it easy to adapt to a variety of projects and circumstances.


1. Ease of use for the phone agents

The CATI survey methodology allows interviewers to easily move through the interview process without any technical training or skills. This lets the operator focus on the interviewee and on collecting accurate data.

Features like Click to Dial help operators reach interviewees with just a click, rather than having to spend precious time manually dialing. With the added feature of Predictive Dialing, which lets the switchboard automatically dial the numbers, efforts are optimized to increase productivity.


2. Key administrative features make surveys a snap, 24 hours a day

IdSurvey’s CATI methodology is flexible, intuitive, and versatile so that interviewers can conduct research surveys anytime, around the globe. The software includes smart time zone management for both the interviewers and the respondents.

Project administrators can manage interviewers’ productivity through statistics, response rate and productivity parameters within the software, as well as specific outcomes for each call. What’s more, there are management tools for both inbound and outbound calls. These key features make telephone survey projects streamlined and efficient.


3. CATI survey methodology can adapt to specific needs

Effective CATI survey methodology should allow users to adapt its telephone interviewing tools to suit the project’s specific needs. With IdSurvey, users can combine features and options in useful ways. IdSurvey’s CATI CAWI mixed-mode option lets you initiate a survey by phone and then have the respondent complete it via web.

Interviewers can access the software directly from a standard web browser, without the need for any configuration or additional software. Appointments and notes can be displayed on the screen, if necessary for follow-up.

CATI survey methodology should make your computer-assisted telephone interviewing efficient, streamlined, and easy while delivering high-performance tools for collecting valuable data. IdSurvey knows what works and has included the tools that serious researchers need in its CATI software.


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