Turn your customers’ feedback into business opportunities.
How many happy and loyal customers do you have? Do you know that almost 90% of unhappy customers will never buy your products again?
For this reason, satisfaction surveys have to be part of your business process to improve your customer loyalty rate.

Why satisfied customers love your brand? With a customer satisfaction survey software you can answer this and other questions. Also, you can measure the exact degree of satisfaction of each individual product and service you offer.

IdSurvey, customer satisfaction software

All the customer satisfaction tools needed to transform data into actions.
Customer satisfaction surveys help you gather valuable information to make informed decisions and strengthen your business. Customer feedback helps you create a competitive advantage. In fact, you can develop your products on the customers’ actual experience. Also, you can anticipate your actions to have great customer service and maximize profits.

A Customer Satisfaction survey provides you with key information about the perceived quality of a product or brand. Also, you can keep track of any other interaction with customers.

With IdSurvey you can manage the entire Customer Satisfaction process: from the realization of the survey to the real-time analysis of the data.


Online questionnaires
Add the link to the questionnaire on the website or socials or send it via email and SMS directly from IdSurvey

A phone
With an operator who interviews customers by phone collecting their customer feedback.

A device
Make a mobile device available to your customers directly inside the stores.

QR Code
Provide customers with the QR code to quickly answer your questions and improve your response rate.

An agent
Ask for feedback from your customers in the post-purchase phase with an agent inside the store

Mixed Mode
Combine multiple methodologies at once by choosing the ones that best suit your target.

Turn clients into promoters

Measure customer expectation with effective and consolidated algorithms.
Measure the rate of promoters and detractors of your business with a consolidated algorithm that returns clear data. The results are immediately available and allow you to work on your weak points improving Customer Relationship.


Customize your customer journey

Profile your customers in detail.
Use your customer data to improve the user experience. You can use information such as name, address, email, age-range, and any other data to customize the questionnaire, texts, and invitations via email or SMS. Customer satisfaction survey questions have to be clear and tailored to the respondent.


Branding and themes
Choose the theme, insert the logo, customize the colors, insert images, audio and video.

50+ questions & Emoticons
Choose from rating scales, emoticons, stars, likes, drop-down, text area and more.

Questionnaire logic
Make surveys intuitive and tailored: hide and skip questions according to the flow of your questionnaire.

Customize texts
Add and customize the survey presentation, help, privacy, thank you page, etc. for a professional result.

Text piping and custom variables
Customize texts with text piping using custom questions, answers or variables.

Send custom email and SMS
Send email and SMS campaigns with automatic reminders and custom texts for each contact.

Analyze customer satisfaction in real-time

Design and share your reports in a few minutes.

Turn survey results into intuitive reports that update in real time with customer satisfaction software. Filter data, choose and set graphs, customize the layout. Then share it simply by sending links. Thanks to IdSurvey reporting section the measurement of customer satisfaction will always be under control.


Intuitive interface
Create and share professional reports, the user interface design is intuitive and easy to use.

Automatic reports
Analyze all data collected with automatically generated reports with the most suitable graphs.

Custom reports
Choose the graphs, metrics and layout best suited to your survey. Save and share the report with one click.

Spread the data by questions and variables with the breakout. Break down the entire report or individual question widgets.

Customize reports using only key data from your survey. Filter data to create individual reports and collaborate with your team and clients.

Custom widget
Monitor and highlight relevant data with custom widgets by choosing your preferred graphics, metrics, labels and texts.


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