Market research can be a trusty ally to collect solid data that will help making good business decisions. One of the core tools used to collect data in market research is the survey.

Surveys can be used to reach a specific target and ask questions that will give you an important insight about a market, a brand, a product, or part of the population.

Market research tech providers offer different survey tools to design and distribute surveys. Some of these software can only manage online surveys, while the most professional ones also cover telephone surveys and offline surveys.


What are the characteristics of the best survey tool for market research?

Market research tools come in all forms and shapes. Selecting the best tool for your activities can be a confusing process.
We can suggest some key feature to keep in mind when selecting your survey software:

No limits

Not all survey tools comes with no limitations. Some of them have a maximum number of questions or answers you can add to your script. Some products does not even include logic, which is the ability to change the flow of the questionnaire according to a specific rule. Be sure that your tool allows you to ask everything that you need.

Multiple survey channels

A lot of online survey software tools are designed for web surveys only. But market research is more than web surveys. Selecting a platform that can manage multiple survey channels (phone, offline, panel integration, mobile) can be a winning move for your strategy.

Design, test, and distribute

When you publish your survey online you need to be sure that your project is working and that you offer the best survey experience to the respondent. So, you need to carefully test your project before going live. Professional tools – like IdSurvey – offer separate test and live mode to guarantee that the survey you launch is the survey you imagined.

Make it personal

Dynamic texts or piping are the ability to change information displayed in the questionnaire according to an information from your database or from previous questions. These features can be really useful to improve the survey experience and increase the quality of your answers. But be careful: a lot of online survey tools don’t include these advanced tools.

Keep track of your results

When you publish a survey online, you want to keep track of the most important phase: the results. More advanced survey tools include a section to keep track of the answers you’re collecting, like Analysis & Report. The reporting section allows you to check the live results and design custom reports to be shared online or downloaded in different formats.

The IdSurvey survey software meets all these features.

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