Dynamic text (or Text Piping) can help you designing more effective surveys and getting better results with a specific word or phrase.

Are you curious to know how? Find it out in this article.


What is a dynamic text?

Let’s imagine that Coca-Cola wants to use a survey to know which type of soda their customers prefer. They can design questions like this:

  • Question 1: “Which soda is your favorite one?”
  • Answer 1: “Coke Zero”
  • Question 2: From 1 to 10 how would you rate the soda you choose?

But question number 2 can be less vague if we update automatically the text with the name of the soda selected in Question 1:

  • Question 2: “On a scale from 1 to 10 how would you rate Coke Zero?

Dynamic text (or text piping) is perfect for this. In fact, you can customize questions and answers according to the information you already own or answers you get so that your survey looks dynamic and customized.


4 reasons to use dynamic text in surveys

Here are 4 valid reasons to use dynamic text (or text piping) in your survey:

  1. Remove the unnecessary
    Text Piping keeps your survey simple and focused avoiding repetitions.
  2. Design targeted questions
    Clear and specific questions are the most effective because they catch the attention of the respondent (if you want to know more, read our article on the most effective questionnaire).
  3. Focus on your goal
    By inserting dynamic text, you can use all data you may have collected before in previous surveys.You can target questions to a new goal with no change of direction.
  4. High quality results
    Why market research is so important? Because data and results you get are essential for your decisions. Text Piping improves your results as it improves quality of the survey.


IdSurvey and Text Piping

IdSurvey lets you easily and intuitively use dynamic text.

All you have to do to display a value from the database is writing it between curly brackets. For example, {name} will display the respondent’s name.

In addition, it’s also really easy to display a previous answer or specific data related to your respondent (as number of children, address…and more).


To sum up

Dynamic text is a great tool to design great surveys, tailored to your goal, and really effective. Try Text Piping with a demo of IdSurvey.


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