More than 20 question templates, unlimited types of questions.

IdSurvey has more than 20 ready-to-use question templates. You can mix them and customize them with a few click. You can create unlimited types of questions.

Designing questionnaires with IdSurvey is extremely easy. You don’t need any programming skill and no installation is required. Simply open up your browser and choose from endless questions combinations.
Rating, slider and drag&drop questions will make your questionnaire immediate and enjoyable. Using IdCode and all IdSurvey advanced tools you can easily design even the most complex questionnaires. That’s one of the many reasons why IdSurvey is the solution professionals love.

With IdSurvey you easily create single select, multiple-choice, open-end, control, random and drop-down questions, grids (matrix), advanced grids, with autocomplete writing, Likert scales, numerical questions, single rotations, group and page rotation, etc. You can insert in any question or answer images, videos and audio file just dragging them in the desired position.

Each object can be easily and quickly customized, all settings are always displayed close to the object.

See more on questions here.