Finding the best online survey tools is an important key to get actionable results

In today’s competitive marketplace, gathering data is essential for growing your business. For researchers, institutions, and universities, the best online survey tools are necessary to collect survey responses for in-depth analyses. Whether you are working to learn more about your company’s customers or you need to gather information for a research project, choosing the right tool is an important first step in planning for accurate and relevant results.


Intuitive graphic interface

When you need to design and create a survey, you shouldn’t have to spend endless amounts of time fiddling with the software to get it to do what you need it to. The best online survey tools provide an intuitive interface that lets you design an effective survey with minimal technical skill.

A good example of this type of product is the software IdSurvey. Its intuitive interface doesn’t require any programming skills, because what you see on the screen as you design is exactly how the survey will look when it’s ready to be administered.


Versatility in data collection

The best online survey tools allow survey administrators to utilize a variety of methods to gather the information they need. Sometimes this may be through a phone survey, such as in a computer assisted telephone interview (CATI), while other contexts may require the convenience of an app that can be used on a tablet or mobile phone. The survey design has to include advanced features as skip logic or multimedia survey questions.


High-performance analysis

Once you gather the results of your survey, you need to comb through the data in a way that helps you achieve your goals. The best  tools let you do this through a variety of applications tailored to your needs and expertise.

Perhaps you’re looking for a user-friendly graphic breakdown of your results. Or maybe you’re a researcher who needs advanced statistics capabilities, such as bivariate analysis. The survey tool you use should keep working hard for you even after the initial data collection phase is complete.

If you’re seeking the best online survey tools for your next research project, take the aforementioned features – all of which are included in IdSurvey software – into serious consideration before you make your choice. Your survey tool is an essential component of your research, so don’t trust the job to subpar software when only the best will do.


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