Creating your survey can be easy and convenient with these solutions.

For researchers, survey management solutions are abundant. Deciding on the right type of survey software  can seem overwhelming, especially given all the choices available.

However, certain types of software provide benefits for researchers and marketplace analysts. As you explore the various options, keep the features you need in mind, so you can find the best software for your project.


Survey management tools for online interviewing

Conducting online surveys is one of the most popular ways to gather data to make business decisions. IdSurvey has a web interview interface that can be displayed well in a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It also has an Email Sender built into the survey platform.

Web-based surveys can collect survey responses from responders using a link in real-time. IdSurvey offers these features and more in its CAWI (computer-assisted web interview) survey management solutions.


Phone interviewing and face-to-face interviewing

Two other types of survey management solutions are phone interviewing and in-person interviewing, both of which IdSurvey handles with expertise and convenience.

The telephone interface is web-based and designed so that interviewers can get up and running right away, without any special training. It includes a wealth of features such as dynamic texts, call outcome management, and handling of both inbound and outbound calls.

Computer assisted personal interviews, known as CAPI software, can be used with online access or offline. This allows interviewers to work even in places where there is no wifi or data connection.


Survey management solutions to suit your research goals

As a researcher, you need tools that are easy to use and also provide high performance in terms of data collection and management. IdSurvey offers all of this in its survey management solutions, which are used by start-ups, large research institutions, universities, and corporations alike.

The versatility of the software is that it can adapt to your particular goals, so you can collect all the data you need to complete your project accurately and with ease.


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