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Survey data collection software

Survey data collection methodologies

All survey data collection methodologies under your control.

With IdSurvey you can collect data by choosing the most suitable survey distribution channels for your project. Each method includes sophisticated data collection tools that enable you to customize and to monitor all the aspects of the survey invitation deployment. For example, you can set distribution rules, manage phone agents in multiple locations, and create email and SMS campaigns. And you can set quotas for data collection that are perfectly representative of your sample. Phone, web, and face-to-face are seamlessly integrated, making IdSurvey the ultimate tool for professional research.
Data collection methodologies
Phone data collection

Telephone data collection

Telephone interviewing at its finest.

Thanks to telephone interviews you can collect highly reliable data and reach a heterogeneous target. IdSurvey provides powerful tools for survey distribution with CATI methodology. Manage small groups of interviewers or large call centers, even in multiple locations. The interviewer interface is clear and simple: agents can conduct interviews, manage call dispositions and appointments, and no training is required. You can maximize interviewer productivity with Predictive Dialing. Also, you can check interviewer performance in real-time, and verify interview quality with call listening, recordings, and screen monitoring.

Web-based data collection

The most efficient methodology, now even smarter.

Web-based interviews allow you to collect data quickly and cost-effectively. With IdSurvey, you can manage every aspect of the CAWI survey distribution. Choose one of the templates and customize the questionnaire with your brand colors and logo. IdSurvey’s interviews adapt perfectly to smartphone and tablet screens, so you don’t have to worry about creating multiple device versions. Publish the link for anonymous surveys, integrate external panels or use existing contacts lists. Create email and SMS campaigns in a snap, add reminders and let IdSurvey take care of the rest. And if you have quotas set, smart campaigns automatically send the link only to the contacts you need.
Online Data Collection
Face-to-Face Data Collection

Face-to-face data collection

Live interviews, also offline.

With CAPI methodology you can collect field interviews, conduct a recruitment or carry out a mystery shopping survey. Interviewers can download the IdSurvey app for free on their devices. The interface is clear and essential: interviewers can start working even without any training. Interviews can be collected also when there is no internet connection available and then synchronized at the end of the day. Moreover, you can control the quality of each interview thanks to GPS tracking and silent voice recording.

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Multi-mode data collection

The best of each methodology, all at once.

With IdSurvey you can activate multiple survey distribution channels within the same project, according to your needs. No design adaptation required: phone, web, and offline can be activated with one click. You can set up any type of rule to take advantage of the best of each methodology. For example, you can start an interview by phone and let the respondent complete it online by simply sending the link, or contact respondents by phone after they were recruited with the CAPI app in a shopping mall.
Multi-mode survey interviews
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Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra
Recensioni IdSurvey - Capterra


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