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What was the main issue you were looking for survey software for?

Our main issues were that our existing survey software lacked in usability in the administrative interface. Also, it failed to successfully integrate CATI & CAWI and CAWI email invitations were addressed to respondents junk mail. It didn’t have an attractive CAWI look for respondents and had a seperate ‘design’ module for survey scripting which was not cloud based (a programme needed to be uploaded to a machine); also, it was incompatible with our Macs (which we mostly use) and used an emailer with servers in the USA.

How did IdSurvey solve your problem?

IdSurvey solved our problems. It provides a fully integrated and seamless survey platform across all three methodologies. It is highly intuitive, user friendly and the platform is accessible. Scripting is so enjoyable with the different options available to you – this means that more people within the organisation can script which helps our resourcing. Our interviewers prefer using IdSurvey over our previous platform. It provides an insightful reporting module.

What results have you achieved thanks to the IdSurvey survey software?

We are still quite early on in our IdSurvey journey (we have only used it for a few surveys) – but it’s been greeted really positively by the whole organisation. Scripting is quicker and easier and with fewer errors. Fieldwork across multiple methodolgies is more efficient. We have also found the staff at IdSurvey to be hugely responsive, helpful, knowledgable and accomodating when we have spoken to them about adaptations. Being a dynamic organisation, it means they can be much more flexible and reactive.
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