How to conduct an online survey with success using these pro tips

With so many survey tools on the market, it may seem like anyone can conduct an online survey. However, to get optimal results from your efforts, you should follow some of the best practices that experts in the field use. Here are three top tips to get you started on your next research survey online.


1. Develop solid, measurable goals

One key to obtaining great results is to spend time building out clear and focused objectives for your research. Solid, measurable goals give you a roadmap for how you will develop your survey questions and analyze your survey results.

If you don’t have a clear idea of what you are looking for, your results will reflect this haphazard approach. If you need help developing goals, you can consult with experts in survey development. Oftentimes you can find these experts available for consultation as part of your survey platform’s client support team, such as with a product like IdSurvey.


2. Select a platform for conducting your online survey

Online surveys are a great help for your marketing strategy! An important factor for their success is the software you choose. The right survey software can make all the difference in your project, by providing you with user-friendly tools for developing your survey as well as an appealing format that will help engage your respondents.

One such tool that many professionals use is IdSurvey, because it offers a wide range of flexible features that enable you to develop an effective online survey. Once you select the right platform, you can develop your specific survey questions and prepare the actual survey for distribution.


3. Distribute the survey and gather data

The survey tool you choose should give you several ways to deploy your survey to your respondents. When you conduct an online survey, you may wish to distribute the survey via a web link that any respondent can use, or, you may prefer to generate an individual link for each respondent.

versatile survey software will let you do both. Once you gather the responses you need, you may wish to export them to an external analysis tool so you can work with the data in a more in-depth way.

Investment upfront pays dividends in results

While it can be tempting to want to conduct an online survey immediately, the benefits of time spent in research and development upfront pay off in your results. A carefully crafted set of questions makes for an effective overall research survey, while one that is thrown together in haste will often result in incomplete results. Another crucial component is the right online survey tool, so take time to demo a product like IdSurvey before you choose which one to use.


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