Survey Software

Enhance your projects by choosing the right platform.

In today’s broad digital marketplace, an overwhelming abundance of online survey software is available. This makes choosing the best survey platform for your project a daunting prospect. The right platform lets you conduct your research in a way that is customized to your project’s needs, with reliability, speed, performance and efficiency. IdSurvey takes your questionnaire capabilities to the next level: a software that adapts to your requirements and makes administration and data collection simple yet highly effective.

IdSurvey offers innovation.

Powerful design with a few clicks

Create beautiful and elegant survey template without the need for graphic design training or expertise. Further customize the look of your web questionnaires with CSS.

Methodologies to suit your project

Build surveys using three different methodologies – CATI, CAPI, and CAWI – to reach your respondents wherever they are, whenever they are available.

Supervising progress is simple

You can track your interviewers as they work and monitor data collection in real time using IdSurvey reporting features.


Take your data where you want

You can easily export your data from IdSurvey in order to work with it further, using tools including Excel, SPSS, Triple-S, CSV, text, and Microsoft Access.

Survey research software that takes you further.

IdSurvey gives you the online survey tools to get the best out of your project

  • Appealing survey design enhances response rates and ease of use
    When choosing a tool, one of the first factors you are likely to evaluate is how your questionnaire is presented to your respondents. In addition, a streamlined design and interface will allow your interviewers to administer your survey with ease and confidence. When you choose IdSurvey software, you get the benefit of simple yet powerful design tools. The efficient interface makes it simple for interviewers to collect the data you need. With over 50 question types to choose from, the survey platform provides exceptional versatility for any type of research project.
  • Advanced capabilities without advanced training
    Despite its ease of use, our software runs from a powerful platform based on code, in a streamlined way that requires no specific coding knowledge. In fact, with its IdCode feature, you can use a very simple syntax. That means you can write your questions without complicated coding. And if you want to delve into the mechanics, you can work directly in coding mode, switching back to the graphical interface whenever you like. Both interfaces are synched in real time, so there’s no limit to how far you can go with your programming.
  • All the support you need, whenever you need it
    The best survey tool stands by you every step of the way with an excellent customer service. With IdSurvey, you get a professional support to help you navigate the powerful capabilities of the platform and learn all the extra information you may need in order to get the most out of your research project. Reach our support team via reserved area, email and telephone. Moreover, use survey tools knowledge base to learn how to use the survey system.

Full control of your questionnaire with IdCode.

With IdCode you can create surveys working on the code of the online survey software.

IdCode syntax is easy to learn and doesn’t require any programming skills. So you can program the questionnaire in IdCode; it is really similar to other text editors. Unlike other free version tools, IdCode runs parallel to the GUI. So you can switch from one to the other and use the graphic interface to learn how to write items in IdCode. IdCode features include:


  • Intellisense
  • Search, find and replace functions
  • Fullscreen window
  • Automatic tag detection
  • Single page or entire questionnaire IdCode
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Get all the answers you need from your respondents.

You can reach respondents wherever they are using IdSurvey tools. For instance, you can send the link via email or sms or paste it on a website or social media, your agents can interview people face-to-face with with the offline survey app or call respondents to collect their answers. You can use multiple methodologies in the same projects collecting all your answers in one database. In other words, your research with IdSurvey has no limits.

Your data are safe.

All your data is secure with IdSurvey OnCloud infrastructure. In fact, the server farm offers high efficiency and security with redundant servers, daily backup, SSL Security, up-time service 99,99%, up-time storage 99,999999999%.
We usually install IdSurvey on dedicated Cloud with uninterrupted log of activities and logins.
As an alternative to our hosted solution, we can install the survey system on the customer’s server for a complete management of the infrastructure and Microsoft SQL database. In general, IdSurvey is distributed as configured virtual machine ready to be launched. Supported systems for on premise are VmWare and Citrix.

Create engaging questionnaires.

Use all IdSurvey features to create unique experiences for your respondents. Adapt your projects to different targets: market research, employee satisfaction, customer experience, social research and much more. Moreover, you can adapt the survey tool to design simple surveys or complex surveys.

Use interactive questions

Take advantage of the newest question types you find in IdSurvey as drag and drop, rating, slider, calendar question, multimedia question, GPS location and photo question.

Multi-lingual surveys

You can distribute your survey in any language adding endless translations to your original questionnaires. The respondents can answer in the language they feel more comfortable with.


Dynamic information

Create customized surveys inserting respondents information anywhere in your questionnaires and automatically updating your database records with the answers you collect.

IdSurvey – data collection tool

A survey software is a tool you can use to design surveys and analyze data online. You can collect large quantity of answers with simple or more structured questionnaires. IdSurvey has launched as IdMonitor in 2002 and it was the first completely web based survey system in the market, accessible from any computer, no need for any installation or configuration. Since then, the platform has been continuously updated by our IT department making IdSurvey the best professional survey system in the market.