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What was the main issue you were looking for survey software for?

We struggled to find a survey software that was user friendly for both the researchers and participants, and could seamlessly integrate CAWI and CATI survey modes. I’m not sure any other survey platform exists that can do that!

How did IdSurvey solve your problem?

Not only does IdSurvey seamlessly integrate CAWI and CATI survey modes unlike any other survey software I’m aware of, but it is also very user friendly and easy to pick up for both researchers and participants. I worked with a team of three undergraduates collecting the data thanks to the report & dashboard feature of the survey software, and after a short virtual training with IdSurvey supoprt team, they were ready to go!

What results have you achieved thanks to the IdSurvey survey software?

We conducted a total of three large-scale surveys with IdSurvey software over the course of two years. Each study achieved all of its objectives, with large and representative samples. The survey design accommodated all of our complicated needs. And IdSurvey support team was available to help every step of the way, always responding to our questions within a single day. Very positive experience and we will continue to use IdSurvey survey platform for all of our surveying needs.
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University of New Orleans - Department of Political Science

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