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There are countless online survey tools for research. The many choices available can make it difficult to know how to collect data online for your research project. The first step is getting the best online survey software for your particular needs. IdSurvey is a data collection tool that is trusted by many leading companies.

That’s because it delivers streamlined and accurate results on employee satisfaction, product placement or customer satisfaction, just to say a few. The survey software can also be used for market research, social research, governmental and political research and academic research. When you use IdSurvey as your survey platform, you can be sure you are getting all the latest capabilities to create a survey with ease and high performance.

 IdSurvey is an excellent choice for your next research project, because it gives you the power to easily conduct your questionnaire in a variety of formats without any special training or coding skills.

How to collect data with your online survey tool.

Best practices make the difference

A competitive marketplace influences the world of market research a lot. That means that online data collection needs a strategic way to make respondents wanting to participate in your project. IdSurvey is an online survey software that gives you the expertise you need. And this is crucial to design a successful questionnaire to provide results in real time. To get good results you need professional and efficient tools you can trust.

Determine your recruiting source

With some survey methods, such as CATI and CAPI, you can source your respondents with offline or telephone interviews. With online data collection, your respondents use a browser to complete the survey. So you have to first determine where you will find your sample. You might own a list to invite or use third-party panels to reach your target. In both cases, you need a survey software that is capable of managing the sourcing.

Decide how to provide access

IdSurvey gives you a variety of options to let your survey respondents access your online questionnaire. For example, you can post your link on a website or social media. Alternatively, you can send the respondents an email or sms with the invitation to join the survey. Moreover, you can use multiple entry and redirect links to work with third party panels. All the templates are responsive so your respondents can answer to the survey on all devices.


Set limits by using quotas

With IdSurvey online survey tool, you can collect surveys that match your specific target audience. Also, you can eliminate those that don’t fit your statistical sample. You can edit your quotas at any time, even when the survey is already underway. Moreover, you can work with your database to get the best results. In addition, you can keep track of all your data with the integrated advanced reporting section.

No limitations with the online data collection tool

Unlike the majority of free survey tools, IdSurvey puts no limitations to your data collection project. In fact, you can distribute unlimited surveys at the same time and collect as many survey responses as you like. You can choose from more than 50 question types and use advanced features as loops, randomization, text piping or logic conditions that are often limited in free version software.

When your business is focused on research, it’s important not to have limits in the number of surveys you can deploy. You have to be able to collect all the data you need, in any moment. So you have to use a professional online survey software to be sure to get good results for your activity.

Create surveys with the intuitive GUI or the advanced programming language IdCode and add unlimited questions to your project to get the answers you really need. Both beginners and expert users can easily program the questionnaires with the online survey software. So you can optimize the work of your team and get the best out of your survey software.

IdSurvey OnCloud infrastructure offers efficiency and high security for any type of reports e dashboards.

Safe OnCloud infrastructure

IdSurvey OnCloud infrastructure offers efficiency and high security


IdSurvey OnCloud

We’ve been hosting customers’ data for more than 15 years. To guarantee the highest security we use efficient devices and best practices to all levels of our organization and infrastructure.


Our Cloud is based on VMware Enterprise PLUS and it’s located in the European
Union. By demand, we can also activate the service in countries outside the EU.


Unlimited resources

You can increase your resources by request in a couple of hours – even for limited
period of time. Dynamically resizable datastore with hybrid disks.

Scheduled backup

Snapshot every six hours on backup servers in the same net. Snapshot every six
hours on backup servers in external net. Backup every hour of every single file in
external net. Backups are stored for 6 months.

Best online survey tool: strategies for research

  • Mixed methodology for broader reach One strategy that you can employ with IdSurvey is the mixed methodology approach. With mixed methodology, you can use online data collection and incorporate other survey methods such as CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviews) and CAPI (computer-assisted personal interviews). With IdSurvey, you aren’t limited to just online survey, and that gives you additional flexibility to incorporate other ways of collecting the data you need for your research. Moreover, you can let your respondents answer with the method they feel more comfortable with.
  • Targeted or anonymous respondents Depending on the type of data you need to collect, you can use use a targeted data collection strategy or recruit anonymous respondents to complete your questionnaire with IdSurvey. With the latter, the online survey software generates a new contact for any new interview. When you have a specific audience to target, you will require a software that allows you to customize the way your survey is conducted. The online survey tools of IdSurvey give you the flexibility and versatility you need to deploy your strategy and get the best survey results.
  • Simple and appealing format for respondents Since your respondents will engage directly with your online survey and not with an interviewer, your online survey tool needs to provide an appealing format. IdSurvey has a wide range of themes that you can customize with just a few clicks. With smart display, the survey automatically adjusts to mobile devices too. A strategic consideration of your survey’s design interface can increase response rates. So you have to be sure that all your surveys are developed with responsive templates.

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