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What is a CAPI survey?

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Research world

The basics of understanding what is a CAPI survey and how it relates to the survey interviewing process

When it comes to conducting your research surveys, you have many versatile tools to choose from, including CATI telephone interviews and CAWI web surveys. But what about those times when you need to conduct face-to-face interviews? It’s when i’s crucial to know what is a CAPI survey and how it can help your business.

The basics of a CAPI survey

The first thing to know when asking what is CAPI is that the acronym stands for computer-assisted personal interviewing CAPI. This type of survey methodology is also referred to as a face-to-face interview. It is commonly used in situations such as shopping malls or other public areas where the interviewer can intercept respondents directly and engage them to complete the survey right on site. Although by definition you’ll need some type of computer platform to conduct the interview, the benefit is that you don’t need to have an Internet connection.

CAPI methodology works even offline

One of the other important things to know is that this type of survey methodology can be used in a variety of settings on a variety of platforms. For example, if you are offline and need to gather data for later synching and upload, you can use CAPI surveys in person from a tablet or smartphone, even without a data connection. IdSurvey CAPI software allows you to conduct your CAPI questionnaire and synchronize the data later on.

CAPI functionality is versatile and agile

With software such as IdSurvey, you’ll learn quickly how it can benefit your surveying and data-collection process. The software provides extensive functionality through a multitude of user-friendly features. It also adapts your survey to fit the appropriate screen, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, with an optimized display to let respondents see just one question at a time on small screens.

When you’re on-site and collecting data face to face, you need a reliable CAPI system that allows you to quickly and conveniently interview respondents. IdSurvey’s software is easy to set up without special training, so you and your colleagues can get out into the field and work with accuracy and efficiency.

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