Survey system for data collection and reporting.

Advanced tools and features for high quality survey results.

When trying to decide which survey system to use for your market research project, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the wide variety of options available. Therefore, you have to focus on the most important features of a survey software to narrow your selection. The best survey platform includes a variety of features that can guarantee top-notch data collection and that free version tools cannot provide.

Conducting a survey is a complex process and it doesn’t begin and end with designing the questionnaire. In addition to the work that it takes to create relevant and effective questions, you also have to choose a survey software that includes professional tools to work with the results of your data collection.

Professional survey system gives you the flexibility to adapt its features to your project’s requirements.

Flexibility for CAWI, CAPI and CATI surveys

Professional survey system gives you the flexibility to adapt its features to your project’s requirements. IdSurvey software has tools to conduct online surveys, telephone surveys and offline surveys, all in the same platform. Moreover, you can work with your own results and design several reports to share with your team. Some of the specific features of IdSurvey software include:


Mixed mode

You can combine methods to reach the respondents with the methodology that works best for them.

Offline data collection

Field interviews in locations without internet with IdSurvey CAPI app.

Smart display interface

Your web questionnaire shows up in optimal condition whether it is viewed from a mobile device or desktop computer.

Simple and clear

No training needed for interviewers to get started on the system.


All survey projects

Manage all survey projects with IdSurvey as market research, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, exit polls and others.


No limitations

Design surveys with unlimited questions and answers and advanced survey logic.

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Other IdSurvey features for data collection and analysis

Additional support with survey design services

Online survey tools don’t neglect client service and support. IdSurvey offers survey design services to its clients, for specialized assistance in survey creation to maximize the technical capabilities of the software. With IdSurvey’s team of seasoned professionals, you can get help with questionnaire scripting for CAWI, CAPI and CATI surveys. Moreover, you get assistance with logistical aspects of your survey project, such as quotas, data export and respondent management; as well as industry news, updates and dedicated customer support.

High-performance analysis

Once you gather the results of your survey, you need to comb through the data in a way that helps you achieve your goals. Online survey tools let you do this through a variety of applications tailored to your needs and expertise. Perhaps you’re looking for a user-friendly graphic breakdown of your survey questions results. Or maybe you’re a researcher who needs advanced statistics capabilities.

The survey tool you use should keep working hard for you even after data collection phase. IdSurvey offers free survey tools that allow you to design and share in a click the results of your survey with your clients and team.

An exceptional survey system facilitates exceptional results

Your research project is important, so why would you trust it to a mediocre software? Choosing the best online survey system is the first step in producing an appealing and effective survey for gathering actionable data. IdSurvey offers technical expertise with top-notch customer support in real time, so your project is guided every step of the way by professionals who know all the ins and outs to conduct and create surveys.

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The most powerful survey software, loved by professionals.