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There are many survey platforms on the market today. So it can be difficult to know how to choose the best one for your research project. If you are looking for online survey tools, you have to narrow down all the options to find the one that has all the features you need.

IdSurvey is an excellent choice for your next research project, because it gives you the power to easily conduct your questionnaire in a variety of formats without any special training or coding skills.

The most important features of IdSurvey platform

Multiple methodologies

Create surveys in CATI, CAPI, and CAWI formats, so you can reach respondents by phone, in person or with web-based questionnaire to expand your possibilities.


Wide variety of questions

Survey platforms give you the possibility of building out questionnaires with more than 100 question types to allow you conducting in-depth research projects.

Monitor interviewer productivity

Manage your team and survey progress with tools to track your interviewers activity in real time. Features includes: counting of average hours worked per day or number of interviews completed in an hour of work.

Conduct your surveys even offline

Offline capabilities allow your interviewers to administer your survey without a connection. In fact, they can upload the data later, when an internet connection becomes available.

One survey platform for all your projects

IdSurvey is a really flexible and efficient survey software. In fact, there’s no limitation in the type of project you can manage: from market research surveys to employee satisfaction, customer experience questionnaires or customer service feedback.

Your projects can reach respondents through the methodology they prefer: via telephone, face to face, via email, sms or through a website or social media page. Hundreds of clients worldwide trust IdSurvey online survey software to manage high quality projects everyday.

Highest quality for great performances

A professional survey platform gives you high-performance results

  • Easy-to-use design interface
    A survey platform should do more than just allow you to build a questionnaire; it should also make the survey design appealing to respondents and easy for interviewers to use. With IdSurvey, you can easily build your survey through a design interface that doesn’t require any special training or skills.
    Choose from a wide variety of survey templates and add in your logo. Then, select from over 50 question types (like drag and drop, multimedia, calendar, rating, slider…) without having to learn code. Your survey is professional and ready to go in a matter of clicks.
  • Control over question flow
    IdSurvey lets you have full control over any interview item. In fact, with logic conditions, you can choose whether or not to display an item, a page or an option, based on a previous answers or respondent personal data.
    You can also manage flow settings with simple or complex skip logic. Text piping lets you display an answer or a piece of the respondent’s data. You can also use it to design your logic conditions.
  • Export capabilities for analysis
    With IdSurvey you can export your data in a wide variety of formats for post-survey analysis. In addition to displaying your data in graphs and data sheets in the survey platforms, you can take your data and save it in Excel, SPSS, Triple-S, CSV and Microsoft Access formats. Moreover, you can also use the integrated reporting features to check data in real time.
  • Services, support and infrastructure
    A survey platform should provide more than just software; it should also give you excellent services and support along with a powerful infrastructure. IdSurvey offers OnCloud infrastructure where your data is secure for high efficiency and security. It also has 24/7 customer support and expert services such as questionnaire scripting, project assistance and custom training.

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