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Face-to-face interviews, anywhere.

CAPI is a valuable survey tool for market research. In fact, face-to-face interviewing has several advantages that cannot be matched by other methodologies. For example, surveys directly administered to customers give the opportunity to collect crucial spontaneous information that couldn’t be collected via telephone or web. If you don’t have an offline survey software, you always need a stable internet connection to guarantee a good functioning of the data collection app.

IdSurvey CAPI is a face-to-face interviews app that doesn’t require an internet connection. The offline survey app is available for iOS, Android devices and Windows PC.
IdSurvey offline survey software has all features available in IdSurvey including the exclusive photo question and GPS location function.  

How does the offline survey software work?

When you create a CAPI survey, the interviewers have the ability to store the responses on their devices until they have a connection to synchronize the data back to the server.
The app requires a connection for the first download and the data synchronization only. This means that the agents can work anywhere they are, even in remote places and rural areas.
Once the offline survey app sends the data back to the server, the administrators are able to see the data updating in the reporting sections.

IdSurvey CAPI offline survey app

All IdSurvey power, in offline mode too.

Reach anyone

Interview anyone and anywhere with IdSurvey user friendly app without worrying for the presence of an internet connection.

High answer rate

You will benefit of the interviewer presence and people will be more inclined to answer to the survey.

High quality and detailed data

As the interviewers are live-collecting data on field, respondents will give you a more accurate feedback on their experience.

Not just face-to-face interviews

IdSurvey offline survey software can be used for any type of data collection and for mystery shopping activities.

Working with an offline survey software

Improve data collection with offline survey tools

Offline is even better

Thanks to IdSurvey CAPI and its ability to work offline, you can collect interviews in rural zones not covered by an internet connection. Also, working with an offline survey software is a plus during big events or in any overcrowded situation. The agents can dedicate all their time to data collection on their mobile devices and they don’t have to worry about their connection status!

An endless audience

You might be probably used to send email invites to customers with web methodology. However, using CAPI methodology allows you to reach a bigger and more representative audience, more inclined to complete the survey. Mobile surveys are the best solution if you don’t have a list of respondents to contact or if you want to expand a list you have. In fact, you’ll be able to save survey data that will be useful for follow up via telephone or web.


More accurate answers

One of face-to-face survey benefits is the interviewer’s presence on place: he’ll be able to explain questions to the respondents and to collect accurate feedback. In face-to-face survey the users are more inclined to share their opinion: you can insert a qualitative question after a quantitative one making your data more structured. You still have the same powerful survey tools of the other methodologies and the ability to create different questionnaire flows with display conditions and skip logic.

Use offline survey tools for Mystery Shopping and any kind of data collection

IdSurvey CAPI is useful for any type of data collection on field, online and offline. Thanks to the photo question and GPS location, the IdSurvey app is a great tool for Mystery shopping too.
The CAPI app is useful for a lot of different activities: customers use it for products inventory, activity monitoring in real time, attendees registration to events and much more.

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