Flexible licences, from start-ups to big research institutes.

What, when and how you want.

IdSurvey has flexible CAWI, CATI, CAPI licenses to adapt to big, medium, and small businesses, so there aren’t any hidden costs. You pay only for the CAWI and CAPI interviews and CATI agents licenses you need, based on the size of your project.

Free admin

Three concurrent logins are included for free in the admin interface with every IdSurvey setup. That means up to three users can log in simultaneously, no matter how many collaborators there are. If you work in a large team, you can choose 10 Admin or Unlimited Admin licences option.

Free OnCloud

IdSurvey doesn’t require installation. You can enter from any computer connected to the internet. There’s no cost for space used and no cost for updates. You pay only for CAWI and CAPI interviews and licenses for telephone interviewers.


No limits

There’s no limit to the number of questions and answers you can use. Work stress-free and without worry for long or complex questionnaires. IdSurvey has no fixed fees: this means that you can purchase CATI, CAWI or CAPI licenses whenever your company needs them, with any extra hidden cost.

CATI licenses.

You can buy unlimited-time licenses for CATI interviewers or rent licenses according to your project’s duration. In either case, data collection is unlimited. And, if you need to activate extra temporary licenses, you can take advantage of our super-flexible Daily Tokens.


Buy CAWI, CATI, CAPI licenses for perennial use. You pay a small annual fee for maintenance and updates, and keep the licenses for as long as you need them.


Rent annual licenses and use IdSurvey without restrictions. Updates and OnCloud service are included in the price.


Daily tokens

If you need to increase your number of interviewers for just a short period of time, you can buy Daily Tokens. Token credit is only deducted after actual use.

CAWI and CAPI licenses.

You can use web and face-to-face modules with prepaid packs. Prepaid interview packs are flexible and guarantee the best solution for your needs. Discount brackets for CAWI and CAPI interviews ensure you get the best prices, even for a small purchase. The discount is calculated on the entire amount of interviews purchased in the last 12 months. And you only pay by the number of completions!

CAWI and CAPI licenses.

Knowledge base

Enter the knowledge base to discover all solutions and strategies to set up and design questionnaires.

Guide and papers

IdSurvey has an online guide for all features of the software so you can easily discover all tools.

Help Desk support 24/7

Using your ticket area you can request 7/7 and 24/24 assistance. One of our experts will answer you back shortly.