Choose the best solution for your needs.


The best solution for IdSurvey.

IdSurvey OnCloud infrastructure offers high efficiency and security with its advanced system of load balancing.


SSL Security

Safe connections with https protocol

Redundant servers

Advanced balancing system of ARR load


Daily backup saved for 12 months

No hardware costs

No costs for the infrastructure and maintenance of the server


SQL Server connected to NFS on redundant Full-SSD Datastore


Up-time service 99,99%, Up-time storage 99,999999999%

CATI CAWI CAPI software oncloud infrastructure - The best solution for IdSurvey.

Dedicated Cloud and OnSite

If your organization has specific requirements or if you need to autonomously manage servers, choose between Dedicated Cloud and OnSite.

Dedicated Cloud

If requested, we can install IdSurvey on Dedicated Cloud with an uninterrupted log of activities and logins. You can set a higher backup frequency and special Service Level Agreement. You can also request direct access on IdSurvey MS SQL database. This can help you facilitate your web questionnaire design and implementation in a way that fits your needs.


If requested, we can install IdSurvey on your customer’s server for complete management of the infrastructure and Microsoft SQL database. This makes web questionnaire design and access directly available to your customer. IdSurvey is distributed as a configured virtual machine, ready to be launched. Supported systems are VmWare and Citrix.

Knowledge base

Enter the knowledge base to discover all solutions and strategies to set up and design questionnaires.

Guide and papers

IdSurvey has an online guide for all features of the software so you can easily discover all tools.

Help Desk support 24/7

Using your ticket area you can request 7/7 and 24/24 assistance. One of our experts will answer you back shortly.