How to design a survey with IdSurvey

by | Nov 10, 2014 | News

IdSurvey has two main tools to design a survey for your research: the graphic user interface and the proprietary IdCode scripting language. So each IdSurvey user can decide which way to use to create the survey.

The user interface makes questionnaire design easy and intuitive. While IdCode is the faster and more powerful way to program your survey questions. Use IdSurvey to collect your survey data and reach new goals.

No programming skills needed

Designing questionnaires with IdSurvey is extremely easy. In fact, you don’t need any programming skills and no installation is required. Simply open up your browser and choose from endless types of question among closed ended questions, open ended questions, matrix questions or multimedia questions.

Learning how to use IdCode to create surveys is extremely easy. For example, if you don’t know how to script a question, you can build it with the editor and then switch to IdCode to check on the code automatically created by the system. On the other hand, you can also program a question with IdCode and then check the result in real time on the user interface. You can switch from one survey design mode to the other in any moment and get the best from both tools.

You can intuitively design a survey with IdCode, with no need of programming skills.
You can switch from the editor to IdCode in any moment so you can program part of the survey with one tool and part of the other. Moreover, you can easily learn the syntax of the most powerful tool for questionnaire scripting while switching between the two.

Design a survey to get professional results

Good survey questionnaires with the right question wording guarantee high quality survey results. The first thing to keep in mind when designing a survey is the final goal of your quest. What do you want to know? And how to design a survey that gives you what you want?

Be sure you’re adding good questions to your survey. Also, filter your questions so your respondents only have to answer questions that are relevant to them.

Lead your questionnaire flow with logic and branching tools for professional data collection. For example, with logic conditions you can hide pages, questions or options according to answers given or personal information.
 With IdSurvey powerful tools you can easily design a questionnaire that encourage your respondents completing your survey and increase your response rates.

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