Face-to-Face Survey

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With a face-to-face survey, you’re able to capture data in person and on the spot. However, if your survey tool doesn’t have all the features and capabilities you need to properly execute the interview, your research could fall flat. There are many benefits of face-to-face surveys. And with IdSurvey software, you can take advantage of all of them. When you are able to capture your respondents in real time and right where they’re at, your offline survey can have a higher response rate. IdSurvey’s CAPI software, which stands for Computer-Assisted Personal Interview, gives you all the tools you need to collect responses with no limitations.

Get IdSurvey expertise for your face-to-face survey.

Simple and functional interface requires no training

Your personal interviewers won’t struggle with the face-to-face software. In fact, IdSurvey CAPI app makes it quick and easy to get up and running right away, without any special training.

Record data even in areas without online access

IdSurvey lets you conduct your face-to-face survey in offline mode, so you can reach your respondents no matter where they’re at, and then upload the results later.

App available with your operating system

IdSurvey’s CAPI software is available for Android and iOS devices and Windows PC, so your interviewers can conduct the questionnaire using whatever method is most convenient – tablet, smartphone, or computer with no internet connection.


Mixed mode increases functionality

IdSurvey lets you combine different survey methodologies, so you can mix in-person interviews with web-based and telephone surveys improving accuracy and boosting your market research.

Maximize your face-to-face surveys

Higher response rate, better engagement

In-person interviews tend to have higher response rates. That is because a skilled interviewer knows how to engage and encourage respondents to complete an interview. In addition, an interviewer can respond to a research subject’s body language that makes the respondent feel more at ease. IdSurvey makes the process easy for the interviewer because the design interface is intuitive and adapts to each different screen. The face-to-face survey moves smoothly through each question to keep data collection streamlined and efficient.

Accurate screening and immediate response verification

IdSurvey face-to-face software allows you to set a statistical sample for your survey. By setting quotas, your interviewers collect only those interviews that are relevant to your statistical sample. When a respondent falls into a quota that is already full, his or her information will be excluded from any list at the point of synchronization. A face-to-face survey lets the interviewer make an accurate screening of survey participants that is not always possible in phone or web-based interviewing. For example, the interviewer can visually verify whether certain demographic information is accurate.

Longer interviews tend to be better tolerated

When your research project calls for open-ended questions, respondents may tend to be more tolerant of these types of questions in a face-to-face interview. One of the benefits of face-to-face surveys is that it allows for participants to expand on their answers verbally, which they may not be as likely or willing to do in written format. The personal interaction tends to facilitate longer interviews and responses boosting respondents engagement.

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