CAWI Software for Online Surveys.

CAWI survey software

Online surveys with style.

The CAWI survey module, Computer Assisted Web Interviewing, is the online survey module part of IdSurvey, specially designed to make smart and customized digital and web surveys. With the CAWI software you can quickly reach a huge number of respondents and create tailor-made surveys by selecting a theme, customizing the layout and inserting a logo. Also, your CAWI interview will be perfectly displayed on any computer, smartphone or tablet. With online survey tools like Email Sender and SMS Sender, you can also send invitations to your sample from IdSurvey.

CAWI software - online interviews

CAWI Software main features

Multiple solutions, one online survey platform.

Identified or anonymous

Send links to a list of respondents or collect anonymous cawi interviews.

Mixed mode

IdSurvey is a CATI, CAPI and CAWI software all-in-one. You can mix multiple methodologies in the same survey.

Smart display

CAWI layout automatically adapts to any screen.

Text Piping

Use text piping to dynamically insert any type of data in the interview questions.

Photo, video and audio

Take photos, record video or audio. Everything goes live directly from the browser.

Panel integration

Integrate the survey with third party panels or social media in a few clicks.

Campaign statistics

Follow statistics and outcomes of your invitation campaigns and survey results with the online data collection tools.

Customized texts

Customize welcome, help and privacy pages and add different thank you text for completed cawi interview, out of target and quota full.


Customize the interface and questionnaire colors for market research with CSS styles.


Prevent the access to the interview to bot when you share the link in a website or social media.


Frame the QRcode with your device to instantly access the interview preview and do tests in an instant.


50+ question types

Combine over 50 question types. You will always find the perfect solution for every type of questionnaire.

Discover IdSurvey

The most powerful survey software, loved by professionals.

Advanced online survey distribution tools

The most advanced online survey distribution platform. Send the invitation to answer the questionnaire by email, sms, links and third party systems.

Email sender

Designing a email campaign has never been easier or smarter.

Discover the powerful mailing tool integrated with IdSurvey. Create the invitation campaign for your survey, manage reminders and monitor statistics. Smart campaigns will automatically optimize the completion of the quotas of your survey as well as automatically adding to the campaign the contacts that match the criteria you previously set.

Email sender - Designing an email campaign has never been so easy and smart.
SMS Sender - Reach everyone, instantly.

SMS sender

Reach everyone, instantly.

Use the SMS Sender tool integrated with IdSurvey to create invitation campaigns for your questionnaire, manage reminders and monitor statistics. Thanks to the Smart campaigns you will automatically optimize the completion of quotas. Also, you can set automatic invitations to all the contacts that match specific requirements.


Create customized links in order to track down the origin of survey responses. You can create multiple links for each distribution channel. For example, you can use one link for a website, one for a social network and one for the emails.

Using the “Populate fields from URL” you can combine IdSurvey with Facebook or other social networks. For example, to collect email addresses and other data from the contact.


Work with one or multiple panel providers at the same time for the same survey. Add the redirect links to the panel provider corresponding to the outcomes “complete interview”, “quota full” and “out of target”. Besides, by using to the “Populate fields from URL” function you can easily combine third party instruments. For specific requests you can require the integration to existing SSO (Single sign-on).

Survey invitation features

Automatic delivery

Make the delivery automatic using Smart Campaigns. All the contacts that correspond to the parameters you set will be automatically added to the smart campaign.


Customize emails

Create a layout that reflects the brand, product or services. Customize the design of the emails choosing font, size, color, logo and pictures with the editor “What you see is what you get”.


Email and SMS test

Before launching a campaign review the text and layout of the message by performing a test: send the test email directly to your inbox or mobile number, without altering results and statistics.


Monitor the outcomes

Keep track of all the interactions using the Activity Log of each contact. All the outcomes of emails and sms will be registered along with the details of each single action and response rate.

Authenticated links

With an authenticated link automatically created by IdSurvey, the respondent can stop and resume the interview at a later time.

Primary Key

Easily integrate the survey with third-party tools by adding the primary key directly into the interview link and storing it in one of the contact's fields.

Smart campaigns

With the algorithm of smart campaigns, IdSurvey will send emails to the contacts that are necessary in order to complete quotas. So this will improve the performance of the campaign and of the entire survey.



Invite only the contacts that match your requirements. With IdSurvey campaigns you can email surveys to your target only and set filters on the status of the contact.



Respect the privacy policies and opt-outs inserting the “Unsubscribe” option on your messages. The respondents will be able to unsubscribe from the campaigns with just one click or a simple response SMS.

Simple integration

Saving the information included in the access URL to the questionnaire, you can easily combine third party instruments such as CRMs or managing softwares.

Share multiple links

Customize your message and communication for different websites or social. Post an invitation on Facebook or tweet a link on Twitter or any other social network, keeping track of where respondents are coming from.


All the links sent via Email Sender use the security protocol https. The https links use SSL encryption to safely transfer data from the browser of the respondents to IdSurvey.

Anonymous campaigns

IdSurvey allows you to send the survey invitation to a list of contacts and to collect interviews without any link to the respondent. With this particular feature you can carry out anonymous surveys using email or SMS campaigns.


Monitor the progress of each campaign with detailed statistics updated in real time. Keep track of each delivery checking who opened the email and improve the productivity of your campaigns.


No spam

Thanks to the quality and reliability of the delivery service, Email Sender minimizes the possibility of spam and manages to reach a high delivery rate.


Text piping

Create personalized invitations with text piping. Increase engagement by tailoring email and SMS messages with the name or any other contact information.


Automatic creation of popup HTML code allows you to add popups to your website with the link to the questionnaire. You can also specify the most suitable size for the layout.

Landing links

You can set links to redirect the respondents to a specific web page at the end of a survey.

The perfect look for any brand.

Themes and branding

The perfect design for any brand.

Enter CAWI software design features. Choose one of IdSurvey amazing themes, set your options, and upload a logo. You can customize your questionnaire in a few clicks. With a smart display, the CAWI interview is perfectly displayed on any device.

Identified or anonymous

Enter the CAWI interview with a univocal or a general link.

With IdSurvey you can distribute your CAWI survey to an existing list of respondents, where each interview is linked to a specific respondent. You can also collect an anonymous CAWI interview, or ask for respondents' individual information during the questionnaire. In this case, IdSurvey will create a survey contact for any new interview.

Identified or anonymous
CATI CAWI CAPI software Quotas - Set a statistical sample for your survey.


Set a statistical sample for your survey.

You can set quotas to only collect interviews that are useful for your statistical sample. You can also add or edit quotas while the CAWI survey is underway. Quotas can be based on pre-owned data or on data collected during the interview. Respondents that fit into a full quota will be screened out. For those respondents, a customizable thank-you message will be displayed instead. Email Sender smart campaign will also auto-exclude contacts that are not useful for quota completion.

CATI CAWI CAPI Mixed mode - Mix multiple methodologies in the same survey.

CAWI software in Mixed Mode

Mix multiple methodologies in the same survey.

Using mixed mode, you can combine telephone interviews with web or face-to-face ones. For example, you can contact by phone those who didn’t answer to your CAWI invitation. By using Mixed Mode you can add phone and face-to-face methodology advantages to your CAWI survey, all in one software.


You can use online modules with prepaid packs. Prepaid interview packs are flexible and guarantee the best solution for your needs. Discount brackets for CAWI interviews ensure you get the best prices, even for a small purchase. The discount is calculated on the entire amount of interviews purchased in the last 12 months. And you only pay by the number of completions!

CAWI and CAPI licenses.
Capterra Reviews 4,8/5

Recensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - CapterraRecensioni IdSurvey - Capterra


Amazing feedback from our customers around the world.

"I overcome the limitations I found in the tools I used before IdSurvey. Powerful and easy to use, with a very knowledgeable and flexible support team. The possibilities of use are almost limitless."

I overcome the limitations I found in the tools I used before IdSurvey.

"The most sophisticated software for opinion polls and market research. User friendly interface, no need for additional experts."

The most sophisticated software for opinion polls and market research.

"The way IdSurvey handles issues is outstanding. It is very well documented and very fast. The staff is professional and helpful at all times."

The way IdSurvey handles issues is outstanding.

"Powerful and easy to use software for collecting data and designing surveys. I love IdSurvey and I would recommend it to anyone doing surveys."

Powerful and easy to use software for collecting data and designing surveys.

"When we first started using IdSurvey, we were amazed by the clean interface and ease of use of the system. IdSurvey provides us with robust sample management . Programing questionnaires has never been easier!"

Docking Institute of Public Affairs

"We found in IdSurvey the perfect partner for us. IdSurvey is the software that completely covers our company's needs in terms of data collection. You can choose from a variety of licenses that suit any kind of business, from the smallest to the largest."

Mednet Marketing Research

"The software combines an easy to use GUI with the possibility to write the questionnaire in code, this makes it fast and easy to create complex surveys. The software feels stable and the uptime on our hosted version has been 100% for us."


"Great CATI software and excellent customer service - they provide you with customized training and technical assistance to make sure your projects are successful. They offer a fast turnaround to questions and their support team is amazing."

Public Health Institute

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