CATI Survey

Take your telephone interviews to the next level.

CATI survey methodology, which stands for computer-assisted telephone interviewing, is an essential component in many market research projects as well as academic research studies. The versatility and effectiveness of the telephone interview makes it easy to gather important data and use it to achieve your company or organization’s goals. IdSurvey’s web-based CATI software is extremely simple, with a high-powered platform to help you run even the most complex surveys effortlessly.

IdSurvey excels with CATI.

Straightforward design for streamlined interviewing

IdSurvey’s intuitive design interface lets your interviewers administer any CATI survey with ease.

Functionality doesn't end with just CATI

With mixed mode, you can combine methodologies to use IdSurvey with a CATI survey as well as web-based (CAWI) or in-person (CAPI) interviewing.

Keep track of your survey in real time

IdSurvey CATI survey software lets you check in on your survey’s progress anytime and see up-to-the-minute results, as well as monitor your interviewers’ progress.


The data you need, when and where you need it

The data you gather with your IdSurvey questionnaires can be exported in a variety of software tools, including Excel, SPSS, Triple-S, CSV, text, and Microsoft Access, so you can work with it further.

With IdSurvey, there are no limits to your survey’s potential

  • Great design enhances CATI survey administration
    Even though your respondents will never see the design interface when they participate in your CATI survey, your interviewers will interact with it directly. That means the way the platform works is of vital importance in terms of your research project’s success. IdSurvey has a streamlined and intuitive design interface that easily leads your interviewers through your survey, directing them every step of the way. Data is collected seamlessly and you can monitor your interviewers’ progress online at any time. As you design your CATI survey, you can make use of over 50 question types without needing to know any complicated code to program your questionnaire.
  • CATI survey features let you customize your questionnaire
    IdSurvey’s CATI survey platform offers a wide range of valuable features that help you get the most out of your data collection. The Click to Dial feature lets interviewers reach respondents in just one click. An optional PBX called IdTalk lets you maximize the CATI survey experience with a Predictive Dialing feature, which increases productivity by ensuring interviewers spend their time conducting interviews, not searching for respondents to call. The software also provides smart management of appointments, both reserved and standard, as well as space for survey administrators to leave notes for interviewers that display within the system prior to making calls.
  • Optional VoIP available
    If you need a VoIP system to administer your phone calls, IdSurvey offers IdVoIP for your call center. IdVoIP is a complete solution that doesn’t require you a subscription, doesn’t have any fixed costs, and only charges you for what you actually use. All that, along with excellent call quality and IdSurvey’s top-notch 24/7 customer service, makes for an exceptional CATI survey package for any research project.

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