IdSurvey 7

Nice to meet you.

Endless Field

Upload contacts with as many fields as you want.
You can also add new fields from the IdCode and use them as variables.
For example, you can save parameters to use on your questionnaire for logic conditions, texts and calculations.

Import endless fields
Create customized fields
Use fields as variables


If you can imagine it, you can do it.
Use FlowScript to check answers coherence, recode them or add actions and complex conditions to your questionnaires. Unprecedented performances.

Recode answers
Check coherence
Add actions with complex conditions
Add weights and scores


1, 2, 3... Loop!
With FlowScript you can create section loops to repeat questions for as many times as you need. For example, you can ask "How many travels you did last year?" and ask information for each travel with no need of programming hundreds of pages.

In Page Function

Your questionnaires get smarter.
Add conditions, dynamic texts and calculations based on answers collected in the same page. For example, you can create hidden questions to display after a certain answer is given.
No script to add, InPage Functions works in real time. 

Other news

Dynamic TextPiping

Create texts customized and tailored on each respondent by using conditioned Text Piping.


Work with multiple external panels in the same survey and use different links for each website or social.


Send web survey invitations directly to mobile numbers with the new SMS campaigns.

Multiphone management

Use multiple numbers for each respondent. Smart management of outcomes and appointments by number.

Contacts by link

Easily integrate external panels and third party tools with the new URL contact creation.

New functions

Add conditioned texts or filter questions and answers based on the interview methodology.

GDPR Ready

Add privacy texts for each methodology and save date and time of each consent.

New engine

With the new IdSurvey engine and its tools your surveys are more powerful and efficient.


New powerful tools for the management of multilingual surveys.


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